Coir Mulch Mats 12 inch (Pack of 5)

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 30.5 cm

    Product Width: 30.5 cms

    Product Height: 30.5 cms

    Product Description:

    • Natural and organic Coir Mulch Mats.
    • This size is suitable for you to use with your flower pot. It is easy to install and can be trimmed.
    • The quality and extra-thick Coir Mulch mats are perfect for you to put them in pots, Easy to use Coir mulch mat rings are great for plants and trees in the indoors as well as outdoors to grow a perfect garden in your lawn.

    Your plants need enough nutrients and water in spring. Do you have no time to care because of your busy life? Then here we have a resolution for that these Coir Much Mats are protection mats are all made of natural coconut fiber, which is very thick, the fiber is evenly distributed, and durable, it can keep the soil moisture in the pot well. Natural Coir Mulch mats protect plants more effectively than loose grass covers. It is made of natural coconut husk fiber, which is an excellent plant mulch that resists frost and allows water, air, and nutrients to enter the roots of shrubs or trees. It can maintain soil temperature and has a good moisturizing effect. These Coir mulch mats protector mats already have their own shape round, you can place them on the plant roots in the flowerpots, as long as you choose the right size, they will fit well. You can also cut them into smaller sizes to fit the size of your pot. They can be used in nurseries, gardens, balconies or office flower pots, green projects, and even wedding green decorations.

    Weight :
    850 g
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