Duck Designer Oval Railing Planters - Set of 2 (Blue and Yellow)

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    Product Description

    Price is only for the planter. Plants and flowers are not included.

    Planter Dimension

    Length: 34 cm

    Width: 17 cm

    Height: 17 cm

    Material: Galvanized iron metal

    Product Description

    Having pots made of plastic has become common nowadays. So why don't you decorate your house with colorful metal pots?

    As always, Trustbasket has introduced an amazing range of colorful metal pots called "Duck Designer Oval Railing Planter". You can decorate your household with our new collection of metal planters. You can ask what is special about this planter. It has beautiful flower designs embossed on it with a duck design in attractive color contrast. These pots are available in attractive colors. They are provided with the detachable hooks which keep the planter firmly on the railing. These pots are made of galvanized metal. Powder coated paint is used to make these planters rust resistant. It is durable and lasts for 4 to 5 years. You can present your home gracefully with our "Duck Designer Oval Railing Planter".

    Just imagine having such beautiful pots at your place. These pots can be used both as railing pots as well as tabletop pots.
    These decorative pots create an ambiance around you and keep you enthusiastic. Everyone likes to present their place gracefully. So they opt for these decorative pots. These planters enhance the beauty of the place on one hand and on the other hand, gives a dignified appearance for the guests.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What type of metal is used in making these Railing planters?
    We use Galvanized Iron Metal in making these Railing Planters.

    2. Are they galvanized after manufacturing?
    No. The containers are made from pre-galvanized metal sheets and all rivets are galvanized.

    3. What type of paint is used for the planter?
    We use Powder Coated Paint. Powder coating provides excellent durability and toughness while maintaining its gloss level. These products have corrosion and weather resistance.

    4. Does the metal planters have drainage holes?
    Yes. All planters are given with drain hole at the bottom so that the excess water can flow out.

    5. Can the handles of the Railing Planters be detached?
    Yes. The handles of the Railing planters can be detached.

    6. How about the durability of the metal pots?
    The durability of the metal planters is around 4-5 years. It can be increased based on how we maintain the planters.

    7. Will the planters get rusted?
    No. The Planters are Made of Galvanized metal and we use powder coated paints which avoid rust.

    8. Can I place the plants directly inside the planters?
    To make the metal planters more durable we suggest using secondary planters, such as small plastic pots or polythene bags.

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    Weight :
    10 g
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