TrustBasket All-in-one Garden Starter Kit

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    Product Description
    • 100% Organic Potting Mix: Earth Magic Potting Soil is a completely organic potting medium for plants and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.Perfect for home gardeners who want to grow plants in any container. Earth Magic Potting Soil is very fertile and results in excellent yield and overall health of your plants.
    • Ergonomic Gloves: Designed for longevity, our Gardening Gloves are easy to clean and reuse, providing excellent value and sustainability for your gardening needs. The textured surface ensures a firm grip on tools and plants, even in wet or slippery conditions, enhancing your gardening efficiency and safety. 
    • Enriched Compost: Vermicompost improves soil structure, aeration, and water retention in your plants fostering robust root development. It is absolutely free from weed seeds, toxic chemicals, harmful pathogens and additives.
    • Durable & Breathable Growbags: The soft, light, breathable and durable bag allows easy and safe moving. Provided with drainage holes to allow excess water to drain from the soil and flush the excess salts from fertilizers.
    • All-in-one Tool Set: Each tool is made from high-quality materials, designed for durability and long-lasting performance. Perfect for digging, weeding, pruning, and planting with ease.


    Description: TrustBasket Garden Starter Kit! This all-in-one package includes our enriched organic Earth Magic Potting Soil, pure and organic vermicompost, durable gardening gloves, a set of five colorful growbags, and a comprehensive gardening tool set. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned gardeners, this combo provides everything you need for a thriving garden. The 100% organic potting soil and vermicompost ensure your plants receive optimal nutrition, while the breathable, washable gloves keep your hands protected and comfortable. The vibrant grow bags add a splash of color to your garden, and the versatile tool set equips you with the essentials for all gardening tasks. Achieve lush, healthy plants with the TrustBasket Ultimate Gardening Combo!
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    12.0 kg
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