TrustBasket Garden Hose Pipe Hanger

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    Product Description

    Product Dimensions

    Length: 6.5 Cm

    Width: 13.5 Cm

    Height: 25 Cm

    Material: Metal

    Package includes: 1 Hose pipe hanger

    Screws not included

    Product Description

    Water is an essential component for plants to grow healthy. Some plants require more water and some require less. So, you need to take care of watering according to the requirement. There are many kinds of watering. But nothing can replace the joy of watering your plants with watering pipes. You get the interaction with your lovely plants by attending each plant personally. But maintaining the watering pipe is a bit difficult. Often they get folded and the water flow gets disturbed. In order to maintain the watering pipe in a good shape, we have introduced TrustBasket Garden Hose Pipe Hanger.

    This hanger is made of top quality heavy gauge galvanized metal. Powder coated paint is used to avoid rusting. It is provided with a hook so that you can easily fix to a nail. The other end of the stand is bent such that the watering pipe can be easily wrapped around without getting folded. Instead of keeping the pipes in random place, you can have this pipe hanger and keep your watering pipe safe and easily accessible.

    Weight :
    590 g
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