Humic acid Spray Kit

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 16 cm

    Product Width: 7 cms

    Product Height: 28 cms

    Product Description:

    Humic acid is the major component of organic matter which is present mostly in fertile soil. Now a days humic acid has been widely used in agricultural production and gardening for soil remediation. It is mainly used for the optimization of soil structure and utilization of fertilizers. Some of the other benefits of humic acid are

    • Increases water retention and nutrient uptake in plants.
    • Converts the insoluble nutrients into a soluble form.
    • Stimulates plants’ growth and metabolism.
    • Enhances plants’ resistance to stress.
    • Reduces the rate of evaporation by reducing the opening of stomata on leaves.
    • Provides a number of physical, chemical, and biological benefits to plants and soil.

    The most prominent and well-known benefit of humic acid is how they increase nutrient uptake in plants. Without humic acid, some of the nutrients provided by fertilizers may become inaccessible to plants. Thus, humic acids are vital for both the health of plants and for growers’ economic well-being. Humic acids are vital for increasing cell wall permeability in plants. When cell membranes become more permeable, nutrients can more easily enter the plant. It’s also vital for sandy, arid, and low-clay soils. It provides balanced nutrition to plants and enhances their flowering and fruiting ability.

    TrustBasket humic acid comes with a Trigger Sprayer (500 ml) which is a Heavy Duty HDPE sprayer bottle. It is completely a leakproof sprayer that is designed for ideal gardening. Garden Trigger sprayers use compressed air to force the spray liquid through a nozzle.


    Foliar application: 1 ml/500 ml.

    Soil application: 1 ml/500 ml

    Application tips:

    • Use gloves and a mask if you are allergic to fertilizers
    • Can be added to potted plants and garden planted plants as well.

    Storing tips:

    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Keep it away from children and pets.
    • Consult a physician immediately if ingested or noticed any irritations when contacted with skin.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    Weight :
    785 g
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