Mid Century Planter Stand - Set of 2

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    Product Description

    * Price is only for the pot stand. Plant and pots are not included.

    Product Dimensions

    Width: 30 cm

    Height: 48 cm

    Product Description

    Everyone love to grow plants at home. But when it comes to maintaining the plants, it becomes a bit difficult. Keeping the pots directly on the floor may spoil the floor by the soil stains. It looks simple if it is kept on the floor. Instead of keeping the pots on the floor, why don't you try a new way to present your home gracefully? Try our Trustbasket Mid century Planter Stand.

    This stand is made of top quality heavy gauge galvanized metal. Powder coated paint is used to avoid rusting. It is an H - shaped stand which can hold the pots easily. It is easily detachable and won't consume much space. As it is made of heavy gauge metal, no need to worry about the load. It can withstand the weight upto 20 kgs.

    What are you thinking?? Buy them and beautify your house.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the material used to manufacture the stand?
    We use heavy gauge iron metal to manufacture the stand.

    2. Will the stand gets rusted?
    No. The stand is painted with powder coated paint. So the stand will not get rusted.

    3. Is the stand detachable?
    Yes. The stand is detachable.

    4. What items will be given in the package?
    We provide only metal stands which can be easily fixed and detached. We do not provide pot and plant in the package.

    5. What sized pots can be kept on the stand?
    You can keep the pots of circumference upto 12 inches.

    Weight :
    1.3 kg
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