Plant Support Garden Clips - Set of 50

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Height: 1 Cm

    Product Breadth: 2.3 Cm

    Product Length: 4 Cm

    Product Description:

    Plants like Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum etc., needs some support to grow high. Installing trellis support with the frames is a time consuming as well as a tough job. Even though they give good support to the plants, they take much time, space and also costly.

    So, here is one such product that can help you in growing such plants easily. It is called Plant Support Clip. The clips are used as stem support clips or ties for trellising purpose. These Plant Support clips are used for hanging plants like cucumber, capsicum & tomato in poly houses. They provide support to the plants and help them in growing high. They are to be fixed at the Y junction of the plant branch. At this point, the clips can hold the plant well. It is very easy to fix to the plants. Now you can grow the creeper plants easily with the Plant Support Clips.

    Weight :
    120 g
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