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Hanging Planters

Hanging plant holders can fit into any large/tiny spaced area, say a wall or a window above the surface. Hanging plant pots are best suited for balcony, indoor as well as outdoor gardening. Lightweight and decorative, indoor hanging flower pots give a unique look to any decor. 

Hanging baskets and containers add a whole new dimension to gardening, helping you utilise all the available space. A variety of flowers and plants can be grown in hanging baskets. The choice of plants in pot planters depends on both the size of the planter and the growing conditions where the plant pot has to be placed. 

The baskets which are kept in the shade and less windy space are easier to look after as they require less watering. You can keep such plants indoor. If you wish to hang the hanging pots outdoor, select a place where the plant can get sufficient sunlight of around 4 to 5 hours. You can have flowering/green plants/drippings in hanging planters. 

Trust Basket Hanging Planters 

Trust Basket offers a variety of hanging garden pots online in different colours and lace finishing. Our collection of hanging garden pots are not only ornamental but also have high functional value. 

The hanging flower pots are like decorative items that are hung in the garden or inside your house that adds aesthetics to your interior. Our hanging planters are made of galvanized metal and provide high radiance in terms of superior finish quality, with powder-coated paint finish. So, they can be kept outside throughout the year. 

Balcony hanging pots are designed with detachable chains, so you can use them as both tabletop and hanging planter. Moreover, as our hanging flower pots are made from galvanized metal, you can easily clean them with a wet cloth. 

Our hanging plant holders are available in 4 different colours (red, blue, teal and yellow) in sets of 2 and sets of 4. Coco liner hanging planters made of metal are the best decorative planters for your balcony. You can buy our hanging garden pots online at pocket-friendly rates.  

Plants suitable for hanging pots

Different types of plants which can be grown in hanging pots

There is a wide array of plants that can be grown in hanging pots. Take a look at these best indoor hanging plants for your home.

1. Arrowhead Plant

The leaves of the plant have an arrowhead shape and the plant will grow into a vine. This type of plant grows in humid conditions and comes in different shades like green, pink and burgundy. It is perfect for adorning your balcony.

2. Boston Fern 

It is a beautiful sight to see the graceful feathery leaves when this plant is kept in one of our balcony hanging pots. It needs proper air circulation, so keep the plant far from the top of the ceiling.  Boston Fern can act as an air purifier and is the most popular of all ferns grown indoors. It is easy to care and maintain.

3. Chenille Plant

The hanging red flowers of the Chenille plant looks attractive. The common name of this fast-growing plant is the monkey tail. It is an evergreen plant and grows best in full sun to partial shade. It is essential to maintain moderate moisture throughout the season. The Chennile plant blooms all year round.

4. English Ivy

It is mostly seen thriving on brick walls on building exteriors. It is a beautiful indoor hanging plant where you can grow in our balcony hanging pots, letting them cascade over the sides. Let your esteemed guests admire their elegant trailing vines.

5. Spider Plant

Also known as the ribbon plant, these spindly plants are easy to care for. So, dangle these plants in balcony hanging pots to keep its leaves from hanging too low. These plants are safe for pets and young children. They also purify the air in your home.

Growing vegetables with hanging pots

The best vegetable plants that can be grown in hanging baskets

You can use hanging pots to grow vegetables. Are you ready to create your mini food garden?

1. Lettuce

Lettuce grows fast in full sun. As it has shallow roots that don’t need deep soil, they grow well in hanging pots. Any material of pots can be used, such as plastic, clay or terracotta. As they need a lot of water, ensure that there’s enough soil for it to settle. Gear up to harvest organic lettuce leaves for your salads in no time.

2. Cherry Tomatoes

They are easy to grow. The bright red cherries cascading out of a hanging pot looks attractive to see. It is a perfect treat to your eyes. Enjoy the bounty of blossoms and red fruits. Plant one cherry tomato seedling per pot. They require a lot of nutrients and water.

3. Peas

Who doesn’t love peas fresh out of the garden? They will grow downwards if you plant them in balcony hanging pots. Hang your plants in a sunny area for them to grow fast.  Select a dwarf variety as they are well-suited in hanging pots. As the plant produces more and more peas, harvest pods quickly once they are ripe.

4. Eggplant

If you are planning to grow eggplants in hanging pots, you need one pot for every two seeds. It needs large hanging pots for them to grow. The soil in the pot should be loosely placed but not compressed. It is crucial to keep the soil moist at all times.

5. Spinach

Grow spinach in balcony hanging pots as it has a lot of health benefits. While you grow spinach, don’t let the water get stagnated in the hanging pot, as it will lead to various fungal diseases. Choose a hanging pot that has 6-8 inches deep and sow seeds. They will germinate in 5 to 14 days.

Tips for vegetable gardening on hanging pots

  1. Tomatoes and eggplant need high levels of sunlight, while Lettuce and Spinach do well in lower light.
  2. Growing vegetables in hanging pots are now easier than ever before if you have durable hanging pots, nutrient-rich clean soil, consistent moisture and correct lighting.
  3. If you apply liquid fertilizer once per week while watering, your hanging vegetable plants are sure to do well.
  4. With regular feeding, you will see more flowers and fruits.
  5.  Move your hanging vegetable plants as the seasonal lightning changes to reap more.

Where can hanging pots be used

Give your home that uplifted look with these hanging garden pots online from Trust Basket. These hanging pots are excellent for the garden, balcony or inside your home.

1. Garden

The hanging garden pots are specifically designed for decoration purposes. If you have limited garden space, you can still have plants and flowers growing in hanging garden pots. The attractive design with a hanger enables it to hang anywhere in your garden. You can buy hanging garden pots online from Trust Basket. And add some personal touch to your garden with these hanging pots.

2. Balcony

Trust Basket has a wide range of hanging balcony pots to create a pleasant ambience. You can create a luscious garden in your balcony. Growing plants in your balcony are sure to enhance the beauty of your home.

3. Indoors

If you don’t have space to create a garden, there are ways in which you can grow plants right in your home with the help of hanging pots. You can hang your plants like succulents or cacti and brighten up your living room or kitchen.

Decorating indoors with hanging pots

a. Different ideas for decorating indoors with hanging pots

There are many creative ways that you can decorate indoors with hanging pots. And Trust Basket comes with a great assortment of hanging garden pots online to brighten up your home in no time.

  1. Hang the hanging pots near the window in the kitchen. You can grow different fresh herbs within reach. As they are placed next to the window, the plants get the sunlight they need. Create an indoor hanging herb garden.
  2. Building an indoor trellis makes your room beautiful and elegant.
  3. Hang the planters from the ceiling to create a spectacular look to the living room.

 b. Plants to choose for indoor hanging pots

1. Money Plants

These long-lasting foliate plants in indoor hanging pots are great to accentuate the look of any room.

2. String of Nickels

These plants, also called “button orchid,” have an ornate appearance as they feature coin-shaped leaves and beautiful silver variegation. They are excellent hanging pot succulent plants.

3. Lantana

You can grow these plants in our hanging flower pots, which come in different sizes and colours. They are a tropical shrub. The vibrant flower clusters of Lantana are beautiful, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. They come in different colours.

4. Pelargonium

They are flowering plants and commonly known as geraniums. The bright colours and trailing nature of Pelargoniums make them excellent for hanging flower pots. If you are looking for hanging pots online to grow these indoor plants, turn to Trust Basket for all your indoor gardening needs.

c. Tips for growing plants indoor

  1. Select hanging pots online that have plenty of space as they need air, food and water to grow.
  2. Ensure that there is good drainage and water retention system in the hanging flower pots.
  3. Make use of good quality potting soil.
  4. Water your hanging flower pots when they are dry.
  5. Keep the leaves or foliage clean.

Different materials of hanging pots

Trust Basket carries a wide range of hanging garden pots online for you to choose from. And they are as follows:

1. Metal

Metal hanging pots are generally attractive and decorative. They are heavy and durable, which means they won’t chip, crack or break. They age gracefully and make sure you have adequate holes in the pots. As the metal is a non-porous, so drainage is a major consideration.

2. Plastic

Plastic hanging pots are generally lightweight and come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They are made from premium quality plastic. They keep the moisture in and can be a safe alternative to the standard breakable clay pots. They are not as durable as metal hanging pots. Trust Basket features colourful plastic hanging baskets with bottom saucers to serve your gardening needs. 

3. Coir

Made from natural coconut husks, coir hanging garden pots are long-lasting. They keep the soil moist and also pH balanced. As hanging pots are gaining traction again, these coir hanging pots are the durable and perfect solution for soil-less balconies where space is a constraint. They are highly durable.

Installation of hanging pots

How to install hanging pots

The installation of hanging pots is simple and easy. As Trust Basket sells hanging pots online with hooks at the end for easy suspension. A hanging pot enlivens the area instantly.

If you buy hanging pots with hooks, get a metal chain or hanger. Attach a bracket to the wall by marking the positions. And then drill holes, securing the base and top with screws. The bracket should be strong enough to hold the weight of a hanging pot. Hang the pots from the brackets. Brackets are needed so that the hanging baskets don’t bang against the house. Turn that ho-hum area into something special!

On a roof overhang, hooks are perfect. At Trust Basket, you can buy hanging pots online with hooks that come in different sizes. Freestanding hangers are great for hanging pots.

Things to take care during the potting process

  1. Hanging plants can be heavy. So, use a light potting mix that contains perlite or vermiculite rather than garden soil. As garden soil contains weed seeds, pests and other critters, avoid using it. Potting soil is less dense than garden soil and thus holds less water.
  2. In summer seasons, it is inevitable that you need to water the plants as often as twice a day. Add water-absorbing crystals to your potting mix to reduce your watering trips to the hanging pots.
  3. Keep the hanging pots in a place where they can receive maximum light and warmth.

How to maintain your hanging pots?

  1. Do make sure your hanging pots have proper drainage
  2. Do check your pots often and see the soil colour if there is any change
  3. Water your hanging plants when they become dry
  4. Apply fertilizer to the soil once every two weeks. It is important to follow the directions on your fertilizer package.
  5. Remove the wilted leaves or faded flowers
  6. Give your hanging pots and plants a summer trim
  7. Provide shade when it gets too hot

Top Tips for Creating a Hanging Garden

  1. For outdoor garden, select a place that gets4 to 5 hours of sunlight. Hang the planters at a height that is comfortable for you to water daily.
  2. Fill the balcony hanging planters with a good enriched potting mix.
  3. Plant directly in the container or use secondary planters like plastic liner to extend the durability of the hanging flower pots.
  4. Frequent watering is the most important part of caring for hanging basket plants. As with most containers, hanging plant pots should be watered at least once in two days.
  5. For the best results, ensure that the plants size and growth is suitable for the plant pot of your choice. 
  6. Good trailing flower plants that you can plant in hanging flower pots are gerbera, pansy, and petunia. Make a note to remove dead flower heads which will make your plant look best and also encourage more flowering. 
  7. Not only flowers, strawberries and tomatoes also grow extremely well in hanging baskets and are easy to pick. 

Trust Basket is the best e-store to buy hanging pots online in India. We also have various other gardening supplies such as kitchen waste compost bin, decorative bamboo plants, hand trowel, cauliflower seeds, marigold orange seeds and mint seeds. Explore our website to buy hanging pots and plants online

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can grow a wide variety of plants including flowering plants and vegetables and fruits in hanging planters. However, you need to remember that the plant you choose should be based on the size of the planter and vice versa. You also need to consider how much water and sunlight the plant requires while planting it in hanging planters. A few of the plants that you can grow in hanging planters are geraniums, pansies, petunias, strawberries, tomatoes, and succulents.

The best place to set up hanging planter pots would be on the balcony railing. You can also hang these pots from the ceiling of your balcony. You can place these planters indoors, provided the plant is able to receive ample sunlight.

When you’re setting up a hanging planter pot outdoors, choose a place where the plant can receive ample sunlight for at least 5 hours. After you’ve selected the location, fill the planter with potting mix or soil. Hang the pots at a height such that you can easily reach out and water the plants and trim the dead leaves and flower heads. Regularly trim the dead flower heads, so the plant looks neat and also flowers more.

Yes, you can surely hang planter pots indoors to add aesthetics and a touch of style to your home or office interiors. However, you need to ensure that the plant is placed such that it receives 4 to 5 hours of sunlight every day.

Yes, you can use the balcony hanging pots as table tops. You just need to remove the detachable chains and place the planter on any flat and firm surface.

You can use a sprayer to water the plant. If the position of the hanging pot allows, you can also place a bucket or basin filled with water under the pot so that the roots can directly absorb the water through the drainage holes.

If you are planning to set up a small garden in your balcony using hanging garden pots, here are the things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose plants based on the availability of sunlight in the balcony
  • Decide on whether you want to have flowering plants or vegetables
  • Choose the size of the planters based on the height of your balcony railing

The best flowering plants for hanging planters are pansy, petunia, ivy, begonia, Boston fern, and hanging fuchsia.

At Trust Basket, we have hanging planter pots at affordable prices. The price will depend on the size and material of the hanging pot.

While choosing outdoor planter pots, you need to choose the size of the pots based on the plants you want to grow in it. You should also consider the available space while choosing the pot size. You can go for round or rectangular pots.

  • Water the plants regularly
  • Fertilize the soil, so the plant gets the right nutrients
  • Rotate the pot occasionally
  • Remove dead leaves and flower heads
  • Trim the plant at regular intervals

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