Plants Maintenance Kit (Neem Oil 100 ml,1 kg Bio Organic Manure,1ltr Pressure Sprayer)

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    Product Description

    This Kit Contains:

    1 kg Bio Organic Manure.

    100 ml Neem oil.

    1 ltr Pressure Sprayer.

    How to use Neem Oil?
    In a liter Water Mix 20 to 50 ml neem Oil,and Spray to the Plants.If the Infection is Severe repeat the Spray once or twice at a weeks interval.
    How to Use Organic fertilizer?

    1. Loosen the top layer of the soil to the depth of 1 inch around the plant.

    2. Apply about 50g of Bio Organic Manure for each pot and mix the soil.

    3. Water enough to moist the media immediately.

    4. Add the Bio Organic Manure once in 2 months.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    Weight :
    1.7 kg
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