Pumpkin seeds (OP)

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    We provide only high quality seeds. Our seeds exhibit more than 80% germination rate under ideal conditions.


    Planting seed is an inexpensive way to grow your favorite plants. Growing plants from seed has many good benefits. We will save money, we can choose from varieties far beyond those locally available, we also experience the joy of watching a lifeless seed sprout into a living plant.

    A seed is a plant embryo, its initial food supply is stored within a protective coating. Seeds remain dormant until a combination of moisture, temperature, air, and light triggers germination.

    In order to plant the seeds, the potting mixture/soil should be moisten or slightly wet. Plant the seed half or an inch inside the soil. When seeds are first planted, they need an extra bit of water in order to start the germination process.

    Water the seeds regularly via sprinkler, seeds rely on a constant supply of water to go through the germination process, thereby producing a sprout. Water on a regular basis so that the potting mixture is always moist but never soaking. When your seeds outgrow their containers and are planted outside, they will not need nearly as much water to thrive.

    It may take few days to few weeks for the seeds begin to push tiny sprouts through the soil. At this point, they should be moved to natural sunlight. Place them where it gets plenty of light throughout the day.

    It may take several weeks before your plants are ready to be transplanted. Most plants go through a growth phase which makes it easy to know when they are ready to be moved outdoors. The first set of leaves that appear are known as the seed leaves. The second set of leaves to appear are called the true leaves and are a sign that your plants are matured and ready for moving. You can feed the plants with a bit of liquid fertilizer after they have sprouted, to help expedite this growing process.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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