Reflex Planter - Set of 2

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 20 cm

    Product Width: 17 cms

    Product Height: 65 cms

    Product Description:

    • Modern stylish design plant stand is good place to display your potted indoor or outdoor plants.
    • Round base plant stand made from thick iron pipes is stable for holding big size or heavy Pots and plants.
    • Fully assembled stand and you just need to put the bucket on it that will easily have a perfect planter.
    • This shiny planter is made of Galvanized metal and is very sturdy.

    This beautiful planter is perfect decor which will add timeless minimal style to your home. We love the clean lines of its design and the luxurious look of the pot. Enhance your house or office decor with this gorgeous planter. Keep it standing on a lonely looking sideboard to display your favorite foliage and bring some natural vibes inside. Plants bring in a sense of peace and calm in your space. This is a perfect holder for potted ferns, succulents, money plants, air plants and more. The pot has no drainage holes. This shiny planter is made of galvanized metal and is very sturdy. The planter comes apart from the stand so feel free to place the planter on the floor and use the stand to hold some other decorative object. When seeking products made with love that give your home or office a touch of warmth in a simple package.

    Weight :
    4.59 kg
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