TrustBasket Brass Water Spray Nozzle Half-inch

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    Product Description
    • Durable And Long- lasting: Our Brass Water Spray Nozzle is made with heavy-duty solid brass, the hose nozzles and connection nozzle are highly durable and resistant to leaks, rust, corrosion and wear, surpassing the quality of their plastic counterparts.
    • Easy Installation: The spray nozzle for the hose and hose connector feature an attractive design with a one-piece modelling structure and an internal threaded nut design, making it easy to install without any additional tools or accessories.
    • Superior Watering Performance: Our Brass Water Spray Nozzle is engineered to provide a powerful and consistent water flow, allowing you to efficiently water your garden, cleaning decks, driveways, pet bathing and even washing cars.
    • Multiple Applications: The hose quick connectors provided have a wide range of applications and can be used with garden hoses, watering devices, campers, boats, tree soakers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, water nozzles, spigots, and other garden accessories that require a standard 4" garden water hose connection.
    • Water Conservation: With increasing concerns about water conservation, our garden brass water spray nozzle comes equipped with a built-in flow control knob. This feature allows you to adjust the water outlet mode by twisting the barrel to achieve maximum pressure of water flow.

    Upgrade your watering and cleaning tasks with TrustBasket Brass Water Spray Nozzle, combining functionality, durability, and ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a casual homeowner, this sprayer will make your outdoor chores a breeze.

    One of the standout features of our Brass Water Spray Nozzle is its adjustable water pressure. With a simple twist of the nozzle, you can easily increase or decrease the water flow, giving you precise control and minimising water wastage.

    This High Pressure is designed to be leak-proof, thanks to its one-piece construction and rubber hose washer that provides a durable and tight seal, eliminating leaks. The adjustable copper brass sprayer not only enhances the overall quality of the hose nozzle but also helps prevent rusting and ensures a long lifespan even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions.

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