TrustBasket Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Nutrient. Each 25ml Plant Nutrient feeds 100 plants upto 3 months

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Country of origin : INDIA


  • Essential for plant growth and development
  • Provides balanced nutrition to plants
  • Keeps plants healthy, green and  enhances aesthetics
  • Increase in flowering and fruiting process

Product Description

The basic component required for the growth of a plant is Nutrients. When it comes to caring of the plants watering, growing medium and providing essential nutrients plays a very important role. Plants need nutrients rich soil to grow well. Plants grow healthy with the help of these essential components. Plants get these nutrients from soil and fertilizers. But in today's concrete world, we hardly find a good soil. So getting a nutrient-rich soil is very difficult. No need to get disappointed, to provide the essential nutrients for your plants, we have introduced Complete Plant Nutrient.

Complete Plant Nutrient is a 25ml liquid that contains all the vital components essential for a plant to grow healthy including Micro and Macro Nutrients. These nutrients not only improves the plant's growth but also stabilizes the plant during drought and diseases. It provides the balanced nutrition to the plants and enhances the flowering and fruiting ability.

Directions for use:

Dissolve 2.5ml of Complete Plant Nutrient in 500ml of water and spray to the plants. Repeat this process once a week.


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