TrustBasket Flexible Grow Container for Leafy Vegetable with Earth Magic Potting Soil Fertilizer (15 KG)

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    Product Description

    Grow Container Dimension

    Length: 21 cm

    Width: 98 cm

    Height: 10 cm

    Product Description

    Growing a plant at home is a relaxing hobby everyone must have. Growing small veggie plants in your house would be a great idea to start with. How nice would it be if you could eat Coriander or Mint that is grown at your house? You will definitely stand unique in your neighborhood. Consuming the veggies grown by yourself also gives you a satisfaction. So why don't you try growing some Green leafy vegetables with our new kind of Detachable Grow Containers?

    Yes. As you all know, TrustBasket is very unique when it comes to gardening. We have an astonishing variety of pots with mesmerizing color and design. Here is one such pot that is completely detachable and flexible. Yes. You read it right. These Detachable Grow Containers can be easily detached and rolled into smallest possible size. The locking system is a user-friendly one. So you can easily attach or detach these Grow Containers. These Grow Containers are made of premium quality Virgin plastic that can last for many years. You can easily grow vegetables like Coriander, Mint, Palak and small rooted plants. As they are detachable, they can be easily carried from one place to another.

    We also provide 15KG Earth Magic Potting soil with this Grow Container so as to help you in creating your own kitchen garden at home.

    Package contents: 1 Grow container and 3 Earth magic potting Soil (Each 5kg)

    Weight :
    15.0 kg
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