TrustBasket Heavy Duty Leaf Rake Wooden Handle

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    Product Description

    Product Dimensions:

    Product Length: 15.5 cm

    Product Width: 10 cm

    Product Height: 25 cm

    Product Description:

    • A leaf rake is ideal for cleaning up the dead leaves and plant debris accumulated in garden beds
    • A leaf rake is useful for perfect clean up of thatch in lawns
    • A leaf rake can be used to prepare the soil for plants growth and it can also remove weeds.
    • A leaf rake sculpts the soil into rows and beds or improves its structure to allow air and water to penetrate more easily to the roots of plants.
    • A leaf rake is made up of iron with a wooden handle which is not easily deformed
    • A leaf rake is powder-coated for rust protection.

    Having the right gardening tool for the work is as important as picking out the right seeds or plants you want to grow. There is a need for the right gardening tools to take care of your beautiful garden. Different tasks in the garden need different tools. You don’t need to have a huge collection, but having the basic, right gardening tool can make your work much easier. To provide basic gardening tools at your doorstep, TrustBasket has come up with a “Heavy Duty Leaf Rake Wooden Handle

    TrustBasket Heavy-duty Leaf Rakes garden tool with a wooden handle that is ideal for cleaning up the dead leaves and plant debris accumulated in the garden beds. It can be also used for digging and breaking up the soil from the depth. It can be helpful for you to loosen the soil and remove weeds without putting much strain on your back and arms. Leaf rake can also be used to dig the rows in small vegetables and flower gardens.

    Weight :
    690 g
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