TrustBasket Hybrid Vegetable Seeds - Set of 5

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    Product Description

    Package Includes:

    Combo 1 - Package contains Apple guard , Biter guard, Ash guard, Ridge guard, Snake guard Seeds.

    Combo 2 - Package contains Methi, Palak ,Mint, Amaranthus, Coriander Seeds.

    Combo 3 - Package contains Radish, Carrot, cabbage, Green Peas, Beetroot Seeds.

    Combo 4 - Package contains Bendi, Tomato Round, Onion, Brinjal Puple Round, BabyCorn Seeds.

    Combo 5- Package contains Brocoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage , Knol khol, Green Chilli Seeds.

    Product Description:

    • Package Includes set of 5 Hybrid vegetable seeds.
    • Good Germination rate ,suitable for all seasons
    • SOW AND GROW: Your own home garden with these organic vegetable seeds that flourish in soil & goes right to your kitchen ingredients as fresh as can be
    • Easy to sow and easy to grow seeds
    • These are fresh seeds that will provide you the best results with minimal care and maintenance. You can easily grow plants on your terrace or backyard garden.
    • Great for beginners & experts. Designed for kids & adults. Everyone can easily start planting and growing with this seeds combos
    • Best Suitable for Terrace Gardening, Grow bag Kitchen Gardening, Roof Top Balcony Gardening and indoor outdoor

    Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people, and keeping a garden around the home environment is an excellent way to lower levels of stress and anxiety. People who tend gardens feel happier, less stressed, and more relaxed. As a result of the positive energy they derive from the environment, the chances of suffering from stress-related depression are decreased as well. Overall, adding a garden to your environment reduces your perceived stress levels and makes you feel more relaxed, secure, and happy. Plants can help you achieve a more optimistic outlook on your life, bringing you both pleasing visual stimulation and helping you to increase your perceived happiness. It’s you who will supervise the growing process. You’ll decide how to grow them. You’ll choose whether or not to use chemicals during the growing process. As you’ll have full control over the process, you’ll know how the quality of the food is going to be. That way the chances of chemical contamination will also reduce

    Planting seed is an inexpensive way to grow your favorite plants. Growing plants from seed has many good benefits. We will save money, we can choose from varieties far beyond those locally available, we also experience the joy of watching a lifeless seed sprout into a living plant. The surroundings look more beautiful and brings positive feeling Seeds Sowing Now Simple and Easy With these TrustBasket vegetable seeds, and it is a great way to start gardening

    Many of us are growing more of our own food these days to save money and provide healthy organic vegetables for our table. Plant your own vegetable garden w Only with TrustBasket vegetables seeds combo variety pack. It includes seeds of 5 varieties of vegetables seeds.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    Weight :
    20 g
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