TrustBasket Metal Plant Trellis

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    Product Description
    • Premium Material: The metal Trellis/ Plant Support for climbers is crafted with high-quality, durable metal with powder-coated paint that ensures rust-resistant long-lasting performance. Its robust construction provides long-term stability.
    • Plant Growth Support Accessory: The trellis provides an excellent support for climbing plants, such as creepers like Clematis, Ivy, Syngonium, and more. As they grow, the trellis guides their stems, preventing them from entangling and ensuring proper vertical growth.
    • Easy Installation: With its user-friendly structure, it is easy to set up and requires no additional tools or equipment. Simply place it in your desired potted plants and entwine the stems around the trellis. It will form a support system to promote the growth of your plants. Your plants will climb upwards on their own.
    • Can be used for: Money Plant (or Pothos), Bougainvillea, Inch Plant, Jasmine, Aparajita, and other creepers and climbers.
    • Low Maintenance: The trellis requires minimal maintenance. Simply wipe it clean when needed, and it will retain its pristine appearance throughout the seasons.
    • Package Includes: It includes a ready-to-use Vertical Plant Support Trellis that can be used on various potted plants. Product measures, Top Length: 24.5cm, Bottom Length: 13cm & Height: 61cm

    NOTE: This product does not include any Flowers or Plants

    TrustBasket Metal Plant Trellis – Crafted with care and designed to blend seamlessly into any garden or outdoor space, our Plant Support Trellis offers a robust and elegant framework for your climbing plants, vines, and flowers. Whether you're cultivating luscious tomatoes, vibrant morning glories, or fragrant jasmine, our trellis provides the necessary structure and support to encourage healthy vertical growth.

    Elevate your gardening game and nurture your plants to reach new heights with our Plant Support Trellis. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this trellis is an essential tool for cultivating flourishing and enchanting greenery. Invest in the future of your garden today!

    Ideal for training climbing plants such as Money plant, Arrowhead, Morning glories, Star jasmine, etc. The vertical V- shape provides a stable structure for the plants to grow upward, allowing them to reach for sunlight and saving space in the garden.

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