TrustBasket Micro greens Kit (Beetroot)

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 19 cm

    Product Width: 3 cms

    Product Height: 18 cms

    Product Description:

    • TrustBasket Growing Kit
    • Easily grow your own greens at home with TrustBasket Growing Kit
    • TrustBasket is boon with Gardening kit for Beginners
    • Packing includes Grow bag-1, Seeds packet-1, Bio Organic manure-1

    As TrustBasket Grow Kit contains healthy seeds the health of the plant depends on the quality of the seed, these grow bags can provide a great breathable effect and excellent drainage, which means the roots can breathe better and grow faster. It allows lots of oxygen to the roots and helps with over-watering and thickened non-woven fabric helps the bag to stand well itself. It is available for you to remove the plant with soil all by yourself and not looking for any help to lift it from both sides by holding the handles. These TrustBasket fabric grow bags can be easily washed and reused, for the healthy growth of a plant, there are many essential components. One such component is manure. It plays a very important role in the growth of your plants. You may get n number of chemical manures in the market which may assure wonderful growth for your plants, but those chemicals will definitely spoil the soil quality so you need to purchase 100% organic manure for your plants. Here is one such organic manure which can help your plant in healthy growth. It is TrustBasket bio-organic manure. This is 100% organic manure which is capable of providing the required vital nutrients to the plants. It contains organic manure and beneficial micro organisms. So improves the soil quality and its fertility. It also increases the water-holding capacity of the soil and avoids the threat of pests and diseases. This garden kit makes a fantastic gift choice for men, women, and children who have it all, and looking for a fun activity to experiment with our grow kits are suitable for urban gardening, which makes them the perfect gift choice for anyone living in apartments

    Weight :
    120 g
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