TrustBasket Large Poly Growbags UV Stabilized-10 Qty [24cms(L)X24cms(W)X40cms(H)]

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    Product Description

    Length: 24cm

    Width: 24cm


    Grow bag is a plastic bag used to fill with a growing medium and used for growing plants.
    The growing medium is usually based on a soilless organic material such as peat, coir, composted green waste, composted bark or composted wood chips, or a mixture of these.
    Various nutrients are added, sufficient for one season's growing, so frequently only planting and watering are required of the end-user.

    Our Grow Bags are more durable with reinforced seams and stitched corners. With care you can get several seasons out of them, making them an even better value.
    Best of all, we've created several sizes of Grow Bags, designed to suit specific crops. You'll use only as much soil as you need, and enjoy the maximum harvest in the minimum space.

    • Ideally suitable for growing PATIO- Vegetables and in unfavorable soil conditions.
    • Grow Bags are Thick, durable construction.
    • Low cost alternative to plastic or ceramic pots.
    • When filled with potting media, grow bags easily stand upright.
    • Black interior and White exterior for superior performance, reflecting sunlight back towards your plants.
    • Easy to handle and reconstitute (medium compression ratio).
    • These growbags are having drain holes.
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