TrustBasket Soil Enhancement Kit

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    Product Description

    Product Description :


    A combination of 4 specialized products that help to augment the soil ecosystem for your plants. Soil Enhancement Kit by TrustBasket is exactly what you need to improve soil health and enhance crop yield and overall crop health. This reliable combo of products helps you create an essential care routine so that your plants can thrive in healthy balanced soil.

    • Bio Organic Manure is an excellent base for growing plants. It increases the carbon content in the soil, retains moisture and nutrients in the plant for longer, supplements the overall health of the plants, and improves the physical properties of the soil.

    • Plant Growth Promoter is involved in stimulating the stronger root and shoot growth. It shows the all-around development of the plants by faster seed germination, seedling development, flower formation, and fruit set. This organic fertilizer also improves photosynthetic activity in your plants and the rate of maturity which results in a significant and faster increase in yield.

    • Cocopeat is an excellent soil amendment that enables the roots to penetrate deeper to get hydrated and nourished. It stores nutrients and releases them to roots over an extended period of time. Ideal for growing seeds.

    • Perlite improves the compaction in soil and creates air tunnels that allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to flow freely to roots. It serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations.

    Key features

    • Highly effective
    • Easy to use
    • Good absorption
    • Improves physical properties of soil
    • Stimulates shoot and root growth
    • Natural soil conditioner
    • Improves aeration

    What's included in the combo

    - Bio Organic Manure (1kg)

    - Growth Promoter (500gm)

    - Cocopeat (5kg)

    - Perlite (450gm)

    Usage information

    - Bio Organic Manure: 30-50gm/pot once in 2 months

    - Growth Promoter: 15gm/ plant for every 30 day

    - Perlite: 20-25% in potting mix

    Weight :
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