TrustBasket UV Treated 17 inch Rectangular Bottom Tray(Plate/Saucer) Suitable for 18 inch Rectangular Plastic Pot

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    Saucer/Tray Internal Length - 43.5 cm
    Saucer/Tray External Length - 46.5 cm 

    Saucer/Tray External Width -24.5 cm

    Saucer/Tray Internal Width - 21.5  cm 

    Height - 4.5 cm


    Everyone likes growing beautiful plants at home. Those plants will beautify your place for sure. Your balcony may look beautiful in the beginning, but as the time passes, it looks awkward due to mud stains on the floor. The pots kept on the floor leaves the soil traces on the floor. It makes the floor look untidy. So saucers can be used to avoid the soil traces. You can keep the pots on this saucers so that the floor remains clean and tidy.

    TrustBasket has introduced saucers suitable for your 18 inch Rectangular pots. These saucers are made of top quality UV treated virgin plastic. It is durable and lasts for 3 to 4 years. It not only helps the floor look clean and tidy but also beautify the floor. These UV Treated Rectangular saucers are designed for 18 inch Rectangular pots.

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