How to Grow Garlic from Seeds in Pots

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Growing garlic is an ideal project for the beginning or seasoned gardener. An entire garlic bulb is planted into soil and it creates a garlic vine. Garlic can be planted indoors in containers, where it can be grown in most seasons. Planting in containers indoors can also limit the garlic's exposure to disease or insects. Garlic does take attentive care and the right materials to grow a healthy, flavorful plant. Garlic is a bulbous perennial herb but grown as an annual. Here are simple 5 steps to grow garlic at home. 1. Buy garlic seeds which are dusk in colour....

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Did You Know Facts

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  #DidYouKnow: "By burying coffee grounds, eggshells, chopped-up banana peels,and other organic matter directly within the first few inches of soil (no composting required) can offer plants nutrients as they decompose."  

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How to Use our Grow Kit

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Step by step procedure on how to grow plants using our Kit.

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5 Vegetable gardening suggestions for this season

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Gardening is not only having fancy collection of plants or flowers. 



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5 flowers that will fight pests off your vegetable garden!!!!!

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1. Chrysanthemums:


They are a kind of flowers that are not only beautiful, but also have a wonderful scent. Available in various colours; white, pink, yellow and even purple, these flowers are ideal to fight pests.

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