4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 92

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.9 19

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 33

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 25

Railing Planters Round Dotted (Blue, Orange, Red & Green) - Set of 4

₹ 1,330 ₹ 809 (39% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 20

Round Ribbed Railing Planters - Set of 5 (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange)

₹ 1,759 ₹ 849 (52% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.6 19

Rectangular Railing Planter - Ivory and Green (23 Inch) - Set of 2

₹ 2,054 ₹ 1,399 (32% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.9 19

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 5

TrustBasket Rectangular Railing Planter -Ivory (23 Inch)

₹ 1,323 ₹ 1,009 (24% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 6

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.5 6

Dotted Round Hanging Basket - Set of 5 (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue)

₹ 1,499 ₹ 1,060 (29% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.9 10

Single Railing Planter (Set of 4) - Red, Yellow, Blue & Orange

₹ 1,330 ₹ 899 (32% off)

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Snow Ball Magnetic Planter

₹ 519 ₹ 359 (31% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.8 6

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.7 7

Single Railing Planter (Set of 2) - Red & Yellow

₹ 868 ₹ 613 (29% off)

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Set Of 2-Dotted Oval Railing Planter-(Purple, Red)

₹ 1,027 ₹ 812 (21% off)

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TrustBasket Rectangular Railing Planter - Ivory (18 Inch)

₹ 937 ₹ 757 (19% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 3

Ivy Single Level Hanging Planter

₹ 700 ₹ 488 (30% off)

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Blossom Flower Planter

₹ 634 ₹ 402 (37% off)

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Single Railing Planter (Set Of 2) - Blue & Yellow

₹ 868 ₹ 611 (30% off)

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Rectangular Railing Planter -Green (23 Inch)

₹ 1,047 ₹ 1,001 (4% off)

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About Colorful Flower & Garden Pots

Gardening is a hobby or a person’s creative idea of decorating their surroundings. It can be in a small place like a balcony or in a large area like a backyard. If you’re very interested in gardening, but don’t have space, you can even set up a container garden on the terrace or have a vertical garden in the balcony. 

There are many things to be kept in mind while choosing colourful garden pots. Sometimes, the pot colour may fade due to excess rain or hot temperature, so the quality of the colour paint used matters. We recommend you choose high-quality planters for your container garden so that the pots hold on to the outer paint for a long period. Pots that look dull and faded make the place look unclean and boring. That’s why at Trust Basket, we give the flower pots a powder-coated finishing, which doesn't allow the paint to fade at any temperature and holds the shiny appearance for a long period.

Colourful Flower Pots

A perfect garden design idea is when a colourful flower goes in with the right match of colourful flower pots. Say, a flowering /greens go well with containers of certain colours. It’s all how you design the space, which can be a small balcony or a yard. Flower pots come in a variety of colours and shapes. With the right combo of colour pots and flowering plants, you can create a beautiful indoor garden. Colourful garden planter pots for plants come in almost all sort of colours, from light/dark to a mix of colours, giving an appealing decorative look. 

Trust Basket offers metal floor or table top planters in eye-pleasing colours. You can grow any flower and place it indoor or outdoor to create an appealing look. Half lace finish teal, pink, blue are light indoor plant pots go superbly with colourful flowers and stand out in dark background, say in  your balcony where you may have painted the wall dark or in a lawn between the greens. 

Half lace finish red and yellow are bright and can be placed anywhere. Sets of pink, blue, purple, green and yellow buckets can be planted with a mix of flowering plants for a riot of colours. You can even make a contrasting combination of pot colour with flower colour to give a decorative look to your indoor or outdoor space. 

Our colourful plant pots and planters come in light/dark as well as bright colours and in shapes such as oval, rectangular, round, flower and bee shaped. Our collection also includes antique wall hangings that look great in any setting. You can go for hanging pots with single hook holding three buckets to decorate any living space, be it balcony, outdoor fence or compound wall. Colourful planter pots can be also be used to plant plastic plants to add style to your interior. So, take your first step creatively designing any space with coloured garden pots and beautiful plants. 

Apart from colourful plant pots, you can also get other gardening supplies such as Petunia red seeds, Amaranthus Seeds, Radish red seeds, Neem Oil, Unpolished / Natural Pebbles and Bokashi Bin at Trust Basket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coloured pots from Trust Basket are easy to maintain. It is because we use high-quality paints that are resistant to fading. So, the pots will look like new for longer. Also, you can clean the pots with just a wipe of a cloth.


Trust Basket offers premium quality coloured plant pots that are sturdy and last up to 10 years.


Choose a spot that gets adequate sunlight but ensure that the location doesn’t get too hot during summers. If that’s the case, then you should have an alternate location for the pots during summer or create a temporary shade using fabric or net.


Trust Basket has an extensive selection of colourful plant pots at affordable prices. Our coloured plant pots are of high quality and give you complete value for your money.


Yes, you can place colourful plant pots on top of tables or any other raised platform.


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