TRUSTBIN - Best Kitchen & Indoor Waste Compost Bin in India

Bokashi Compost bin

No Foul Smell

Waste to compost in 4 to 6 weeks

No set up required

Japanese technology in india

Made of BPA free, Food grade plastic

Life time support

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Add waste to the bin

1.Add food waste

Add compost maker

2.Add compost maker powder

Close the lid tight

3.close the lid

leave aside for 15 days

4.Repeat the process till the bin is full. Keep aside for 15 days after that

Liquid plant food every 3 days

5.Harvest liquid fertilizer every 3 days. Use it for plants or for cleaning toilet drains. You dont have to buy fertilizers for your plants again!!!

Compost in 6 weeks

6. Add the fermented food waste to a pot with layers of soil or compost and leave for 3 weeks. Your compost will be ready.


"Neat, non-cumbersome design. Just the product I was lookingto tackle my organic kitchen waste. Thanks! "

- Archana K

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1. What actually happens inside the TrustBin?

The process is similar to the way Milk gets converted to Curd and Maida flour gets converted to delicious Bread...

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About Home Kitchen Composter

A major problem faced by communities throughout our country is the treatment, disposal, and recycling of solid wastes. Generally solid waste from a community consists of biodegradable organic materials. Nearly 95% of the waste is generated in the city is disposed in Land fill. Which pollutes the ground water also, flies, mosquitoes and many other pests breed on the waste and unless properly maintained, the dumps are a public health hazard.

To avoid disposal of food waste we have Introduced Trust Bin by using this, You can compost most kitchen food waste including fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, cooked and uncooked meats and fish, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee grinds, teabags, wilted flowers and tissues.
With the Trustbin we are providing a composter “ BOKASHI COMPOST MAKER” is used around the world to manage food-waste through an anaerobic fermentation system.

Below are few steps that we followed for successful composting.
Food waste from the house is put into 14 liters trust bin daily.
As each layer of waste is added, around 3 to 4 tablespoon of Composter is sprinkled over the top. This process occurs each day and when the bin is full, it is sealed and allowed a further 7 days to complete the fermentation process, during which time the microbes pre-digest the food waste in preparation for the next stage.

The fermented waste is now mixed with the soil / coco peat and then left to mature for 15 days. The maturing pile is covered to control moisture and protection from rainfall.
The Mix is then used as a high-quality fertilizer for the flower plants and common vegetables plants in our garden.
At the end of the second step we were collecting the liquid fertilizer for every 3 days using the tap of bin, which was used in the septic tank system, as a natural and environmentally friendly way of improving the efficiency of the system and reducing unpleasant smells.
Bokashi Juice can be diluted with water and makes a fantastic liquid fertilizer for the veggie, garden plants and pot plants. To fertilize an existing garden or pot plants use 100ml fertilizer to 2-3 liters of water and apply directly to the soil. For trees and shrubs use 200ml to 2-3 liters of water. Do not apply directly to foliage. It is rich in nutrients and beneficial organisms that improve the health of the soil.
If you wish to Bokashi successfully, you actually need two compost bin. One to use immediately and when full, to allow it to stand and decompose and use the liquid form, and a second one to use while the first one decomposes and make juice.
If you have only one compost bin the waste can be buried as soon as it is full but in two bokashi buckets the waste gets an extra time to ferment, you will get more of the valuable bokashi juice and it is more convenient, however this wonderful composting system will still work with just one Bokashi bucket.

In our package we are providing the bins in three different types.
• Starter kit for the beginners includes 1 bin with ½ kg compost powder.
• 2 bins and 1 kg compost powder for a family of two members.
• 3 bins and 1.5 kg compost powder for a family of four members.
By using the Trust bin to recycle the kitchen waste, you are not only preventing
Waste from entering the landfill, it is also saving money in the purchase and
Transportation of the traditional compost previously required for the plants


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