A wall hanging planters are the pots used in gardening for growing both indoor and outdoor plants. Wall hanging planters are an elegant touch for inside and outside of your home. Wall hanging flower pots are available in various styles, from basket to pots and they are the most common outdoor planters. 

Wall hanging planters are of two types – with a hook and with a chain. 

Improve the beauty of your garden by adding hanging baskets to your home garden. The advantage of wall hanging planters is that they are easy to move from one place to another. Hanging planters allow for experimentation of different gardening techniques. As they use vertical space, there is no need for a huge area for the setup 

Trust Basket Wall Hanging Planters

Trust Basket offers a wide array of railing planters online. These planters are suitable for every environment and increase the elegance of the area. Highly appreciated for their designs and durability, these indoor and outdoor planters are checked for various quality parameters so they comply with domestic and international standards. These planters are made of galvanized metal and have a powder-coated painting, so they are rust and fade resistant. Our planters weigh around 1 kilogram, so these are easy to carry from one place to another. These planters can hold potting mix, which helps you grow all kinds of plants. All our wall planters have a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess water will flow out easily. The minimum durability of our planters is 10 years and durability extends based on the maintenance of the planters. Our planters are easy to clean, just need a wipe down with a wet cloth. 

Climbers like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber, ridge gourd and apple gourd are best suited for wall hanging. For flower gardening, you can choose colourful flowers like Calendula, Cineraria, cockscomb, petunia and etc. In addition to planters, Trust Basket offers everything you need to start your gardening. Whether you want to have hanging plants indoor or outdoor, you can find the right planters at Trust Basket.