Gardening using Terracottas


So, what is actually terracotta clay supposed to be and why gardening using terracotta planter?? Is a basic question which arises in every once mind most probably as a gardener or when you take your first move towards gardening and choose terracotta as a pot for your plant.

And so terracotta clay are containers which are hand made using clay scalped into a verity of design.This DIY is not only pretty, but it's also practical!You can get all kinds of differently sized pots from the dollar store. It doesn't matter what color they are, 'cause you can spray paint the pot whatever color you want. Another great advantage of terracotta pots is the fact that the clay they are made from usually protects the roots of the plants. This is important in the summer when roots need air to breath and stay healthy. It is equally important in the winter too when frost can damage plants and crack pots. Terracotta can withstand extreme temperatures however which is one less worry for you and your plants in unpredictable weather conditions.

When coming up with a garden design idea many people opt for terracotta because of its ability to breath. This allows air to reach the plants' roots and means that evaporating moisture from the pot surface cools the roots which is a similar process to what happens when they are planted in the ground. When implementing your garden design idea it is important to soak the plants in water before putting them in the pots because if left untreated red clay can dry the plant's roots. and we in Trust Basket offer a set of eco friendly terracotta planters which help you design your garden/balcony indoor as well as outdoor. Yes, they tend to be heavy while transporting but are wind resistant. As they act as evaporating agent from the containers surface in case of over-watering retaining moisture keeping roots cool for a quite a long period which protect the plant in summer seasons where most of the time watering may damage the plant loosening the soil beds/stem. This in turn acts like land to the plant then compared to plastic/metal once. Well you might prefer a drainage hole at the bottom which too drains out water and they too are the same in case of plastic/metal one, yes true they only drain out but clay pots hold on to moisture keeping the plant cool. If you use terracotta pots as part of your garden design idea then you pretty much never have to worry about your plants again. Safe from the wind, the sun,and cold temperatures .

Any plants of a kind can fit in, as in it can be vegetable gardening or flowering/greens. Usually for the vegetable gardening mass of the clay terra cotta pots matters and it depends on the kind of vegetable you want to grow, in common 14inches of width and 8 inches in depth is sufficient for home vegetable gardening.

While designing up your gardening ideas terracotta planters are best chosen as they give a unique décor look. Any flower to that kind looks outstanding in a clay pot. A designed one with the flowering can be placed in welcome door side stand/hanged up. To that way they can fit in any corner of your surroundings, indoor as well. 

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