About Garden Pots

Garden pots are used for both indoor/outdoor gardening. If you select a wrong pot, it's a total waste of your money, time and also it damages your plant, there are three main features to be considered while choosing a pot, Drainage porosity and weight. And other factors can help you avoid mistakes.

Drainage hole:garden pots for sale are available in different materials like plastic, metal terracotta and etc. whichever container you select is sure to select a pot with drainage hole. This helps to flow out excess of water which may prevent your plant roots from rotting.

Porosity:Porous container such as terracotta, clay and other natural material pots allow moisture and air to move through them, the benefit of using this container is this allow air to circulate around the plant roots and as the moisture evaporate out the side of the pot it cools the soil and helps draw excess water and prevents rotting. These containers dry out more quickly so does the potting mix so they need watering more frequently.

Weight:Weight of the container plays an important role while selecting a pot. Moist soil gets heavy if you choose a heavy weight container, this will make harder to move container from one place to another. Consider that total weight of a container includes Soil + Pot + Water + Plants. This is really important if you have selected to start gardening on a balcony or deck. You may need to find out the structural capacity of a container to handle the additional weight. Changing the look of your garden on a regular basis is important, so select a planter with lighted weighted material. If you want stability towards the wind you can select a heavy container, which are more suitable for top heavy or tall plants.

There are many other features which has to be considered while selecting a Garden pot.

Colourfull planters: Choosing colourfull planters will give an attractive look for your garden. Colourfull flowers with the combination of colourfull planters will give a blossom look for your garden.

Maintenance: If you want low maintenance pots, consider a material that doesn't need restoring from time to time such as wood. Wooden containers may need to be treated annually with a preservative or stain to retain their appearance and prevent deterioration in the weather.

Durability: The life of the planter depends on the quality and type of materials used and the maintenance of the planter.

Insulation properties: How quickly a container heats or cools can play an important role in pot selection. In cool weather, consider selecting a pot with good thermal properties in a dark colour that attracts heat. This may be an advantage to protect vulnerable roots against frost and help extend the growing season by keeping the soil warmer for longer. In hot weather, dense containers like polystyrene boxes help provide a buffer against the heat.

Trust Basket Garden Pots Online

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