About Home Kitchen Composter

We, from Trust Basket have introduced TrustBin (kitchen compost bin), a composter for recycling 14 kg to 45 kg of kitchen wastes a month using Bokashi Compost Maker Powder, which can be used as a fertilizer for your garden. 

The TrustBin is a practical and convenient way of food waste composting. Our kitchen waste compost bin comes with “BOKASHI COMPOST MAKER” which helps to decompose the food waste. Bokashi Compost Maker is wood bran brewed with the combination of naturally occurring beneficial bacterias, yeast and fungi. During the brewing process, the wood bran is inoculated with these beneficial micro-organisms. 

Bokashi Compost Maker is used around the world to manage food waste through an anaerobic fermentation system. When added to food waste in an anaerobic digester, these microbes work in symbiosis to ferment the waste thus prevents rotting and harmful effect of pathogenic bacteria. 

The key to the success of this home compost bin is the specially designed TrustBin (kitchen compost bin) and wood bran Bokashi compost powder. Obviously, your TrustBin will come with set up instructions from the supplier. All you have to do is follow few simple steps and you'll enjoy great success in recycling your food scraps. 


  1. Add food waste
  2. Add compost maker powder
  3. Close the lid
  4. Repeat the process till the bin is full. Keep it aside for 15 days
  5. Harvest liquid fertilizer every 3 days. Use it for plants or for cleaning toilet drains. You don't have to buy fertilizers for your plants again!!!
  6. Add the fermented food waste to a pot with layers of soil or compost and leave for 3 weeks. Your compost will be ready 

Here are some suggestions to use our TrustBin.

Most kitchen food waste includes fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, cooked and uncooked meats and fish, meat bones, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee grinds, tea bags, wilted flowers and tissues. But do not put liquids (water, milk or fruit juice), paper and plastic wrap into the home compost bin. 


  • The TrustBin Composter is easy to use and it is highly unlikely that you will have any problems.
  • Good signs (which may or may not be present, don't worry if not) which you may notice when the lid is removed are:
  • Smell: A subtle smell of pickles or cider vinegar.
  • Visual: Occasionally, particularly for longer fermentation periods, a white cotton-like fungi growth may appear on the surface. This is also a sign which ensures that the process is working well.
  • What next? : Continue with what you are doing :-) 


  • Smell: A strong rancid or rotten smell indicates the process has failed.
  • Visual: The presence of maggots or black or blue-green fungi indicates that contamination has occurred and the process has not fermented but putrefied. 

What next? 

You can try any of the following: 

  • Start adding enough Compost Maker
  • Ensure to close the bin lid tightly after each use
  • Ensure to drain the liquid fertilizer frequently from the bin
  • Avoid prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures 

You can also contact our expert on Trust Basket customer support number 

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