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TrustBasket Mint Grow Kit

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TrustBasket Amaranthus Grow Kit

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TrustBasket Palak Grow Kit

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Easy Rooftop Organic Farming with Kits from Trust Basket

Organic gardening is a gardening method which avoids use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It uses biological fertilizers and eco-friendly pesticides. You don’t need a large or ground level outdoor space to build your own organic garden. Rooftops are an ideal place to start gardening if there are space constraints.

Benefits of Organic Rooftop Farming

  • Great for growing vegetables like tomato, beans, lady’s finger, bitter gourd, and more
  • Create a source for pesticide-free vegetables and foods for your family
  • Keep the house cool in summers
  • Improve the aesthetics of the roof

A variety of easy-care vegetables and fruits available through rooftop organic farming kit are a great way to begin rooftop gardening. While some plants welcome the light and warmth of the sun, some prefer to grow in the shade. You can create two separate spaces in the rooftop by allotting one section for shade-loving plants. You can use shade nets through which adequate amount of sunlight will pass.

How to Start a Rooftop Organic Garden

Although rooftops allow for a lot of gardening and organic farming options, there is a right way to do it. A rooftop organic farming kit offered by TrustBasket can make the task simple and help you explore a wide range of possibilities.

Rooftop Farming Kits

To stay healthy, most plants require an adequate amount of sunlight, water and nutrient-rich soil. Apart from this, you would need pots, plant food and good quality seeds to begin your farming journey. Trust Basket’s rooftop organic farming kit contains a wide range of products to get you started. The kit commonly includes the following items:

  • Movable containers that are available in various sizes and materials
  • High yielding vegetable or fruit seed varieties
  • Grow soil enriched with nutrients
  • Organic plant food
  • Instruction manual for easy setup

Trust Basket is the preferred destination for gardeners to buy rooftop organic farming kit and garden accessories online. We offer a range of pots, planters, seeds, soils, plant foods, organic compost and more for your gardening needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Creating a small garden in the available place in terrace or balcony is called Rooftop Farming.

You need some basic components like seeds, potting mix, pots and fertilizers. Using these you can easily set up a Rooftop Garden.

You need to select the suitable type of vegetables depending on the space available.

The terrace must be made waterproof. Else the excess water from the plants may affect the surface.


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