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Round Ribbed Railing Planters - Set of 5 (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange)

₹ 1,759 ₹ 999 (43% off)

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Railing Planters Round Dotted (Blue, Orange, Red & Green) - Set of 4

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Eclips Stand

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Onyx Stand

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Gardening Plant Name Tag - Set of 10

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Dotted Round Hanging Basket - Set of 5 (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue)

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Set of 2 Bird houses (Red and Yellow)

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Oleander Magnetic Planter

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Single Railing Planter (Set of 4) - Red, Yellow, Blue & Orange

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Set of 4 Colorful Bird houses

₹ 1,965 ₹ 1,191 (39% off)

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About Decorative & Contemporary Planters

Planters are the containers used to grow plants. While selecting planters for your garden make a note that these decorative garden pots are not only used to grow plants but also to enhance the beauty of your garden. So, depending upon the space and style, you can choose classic or contemporary plant pots. Here is some suggestion to select the decorative planters. 

  • While selecting planters, choose balcony railing planters or hanging planters.
  • Select the indoor decorative plant pots in different shapes like round, rectangle or
  • Contemporary plant pots will give a unique look for your garden.
  • You can also select colourful decorative metal flower pots
  • While choosing decorative garden pots, select good quality pots that require less maintenance. 

It is also important to select the right plant to grow in the planter. 

To grow flowers in pots, you can choose the flower plants like Dahlia, cockscomb, petunia, salvia and more. The colourful flowers in your decorative pots will enhance the aesthetics of your garden. 

If you wishto grow veggies, select vegetable plants such as capsicum, cherry tomatoes and ornamental chillyto decorate your garden. Depending on the size of the container, choose whether to grow vegetable or flower. 

If you want to have the lucky bamboo plant in your home or office, choose colourful indoor decorative plant pots which can match and decorate your office and home space. 

Types of Decorative Pots

Trust Basket has a variety of decorative pots online that are suitable for any kind of setting, whether want to decorate your apartment balcony or your office space. Our indoor decorative plant pots are made of galvanized metal and finished with powder-coated paint. As the planters have powder-coated finish,they are rust and fade resistant. Our metal planters weigh around one kg, so you can easily carry them. Compared to other planters, our decorative plant pots require less maintenance as they can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Every time when you clean, the planters will look new. 

We offer balcony railing planters in various shapes and different sizes. Planters are designed with detachable hooks so they can be used in two ways - with hooks use them as railing planters, by removing hook use them as table top planters. 

Oval and rectangular decorative plant pots both in plain and dotted are available in 7 different colours (red, ivory, magenta, blue, green, yellow, teal). You can use these planters to grow decorative flowers and vegetables. 

Round planters with polka dots and ribbed patterns are available in 5 different colours (red, orange, blue, teal, yellow). These planters can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. 

Bee planters in multiple colours (blue, green, pink, teal, light pink, yellow) are most loved by children. 

Our hanging planters are available in 5 different colours (blue, red, yellow, pink and teal). 

As per our expert suggestions, eco-friendly Ceramic planters are the best decorative pots for your garden. We have Ceramic planters in different shapes and sizes. 

Garden stick, bird house, bird cage, vertical gardening panel, small butterfly stick, and small garden bird are a few of our decorative products for gardening. So, if you want creative garden designing ideas, get our decorative planters in different styles and designs. 

Explore our website if you are interested in buying potting soil, tools, pumpkin seeds, balsam mixed seeds, lemon grass seeds, zinnia pink seeds and other garden accessories at incredible prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can place decorative planter pots anywhere in your office or home space. Decorative pots in different shapes, colours and designs can give a unique look to your garden. You may place them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony and staircase. Decorative hanging planters come with detachable chain which can be hung in the garden or inside the house and also used as table top planters. Balcony railing planters can be hung over the balcony with the help of supporting brackets.

A wide variety of decorative planter pots are available at TrustBasket which are suitable for any kind of setting. The different varieties of decorative pots are listed below:

  • Indoor decorative pots made from galvanized metal with powder coated paint.
  • Balcony railing pots in different shapes and sizes having detachable hooks.
  • Oval and rectangular planter pots in plain and dotted design available in different colours.
  • Round planter pots with polka dots and ribbed patterns in different colours.
  • Bee planter pots in multiple colours.
  • Hanging planter pots in different colours.
  • Eco-friendly ceramic planter pots in different shapes and sizes.

For decorative planter pots, you may choose flower plants like Petunia, Dahlia, Salvia, Cockscomb and more. If you want to grow vegetables, you may choose vegetable plants like cherry tomatoes, capsicum, etc. You can select the plants according to the size of the planter pots.

No, our decorative metal planter pots weight around one kg and you can easily carry them from one place to another.

In comparison to other pots, our decorative planter pots require very less maintenance as they can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Every time you clean your planter, it will look new and attractive.

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