BOKASHI Compost Maker powder - 500gms

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    Don’t throw away the vegetable peels, meat scrapings, dairy products and other kitchen wastes. You can use them to make kitchen waste compost to fertilize your kitchen garden or balcony garden.

    Trust Basket offers TrustBin, which is a Bokashi compost maker with effective microbes that is suitable for anaerobic composing method. Bokashi compost maker powder has effective microbes to effectively produce kitchen waste compost.

    In the Bokashi anaerobic composting method, the compost maker powder is prepared from sawdust, wheatbran, rice husks, dried leaves or used mushroom growth medium and is inoculated with anaerobic microbes (microbes that don’t need air to survive). You can add all your kitchen waste into the TrustBin and sprinkle the required amount of Bokashi compost maker powder over it. Repeat the process till the bin is full. Then keep the bin aside for a few days for the compost to be formed.

    You can buy this compost maker powder and compost bin online at Trust Basket at an affordable price. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, use natural home-made Bokashi compost maker powder to prepare natural compost to enrich your garden.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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    500 g
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