Crown Hanging Flower Pots/Planters- Set of 5 (Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow)

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    Product Description


    Planter Length: 15 cm

    Planter  width: 15 cm

    Planter  Height: 15 cm

    Hanging chain Height : 43 Cm

    Hanging chain Breadth : 1 Cm

    Hanging chain Length : 1 Cm 


    Plants have the ability to enhance the beauty of your home. Their greenery is more than enough for making your house look beautiful. If the plant alone has such ability, what if you place them in our designer hanging pots?

    Yes, TrustBasket has continued its legacy of introducing an astonishing range of designer metal pots. Here we have introduced TrustBasket set of 5 Crown hanging Basket with the metal chain. You have already loved our Crown pots. Now it has evolved into a hanging pot to beautify your place and to create a pleasant ambiance.

    The colorful lines on the white pots give your home a heavenly ambiance. We provide 5 colorful Crown pots made of galvanized metal with powder coating. We also provide 5 metal chain made of iron that has a hook at the end. You can easily suspend these pots using the hooks.

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