Tomato round seeds (Hybrid)

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Frequently asked questions on growing Tomato at home

1. How to germinate Tomato seeds?

1. Should we soak the Tomato seeds overnight for better germination?

Soaking the seeds for an hour before sowing them might work well. If we are not soaking the seeds also it will not be any problem. Most of the cases have shown good results when the tomato was soaked before sowing.

2. Should we use the seedling tray or Direct sow is recommended?

Seeding in the tray is a best practice because due to heavy rain sometimes there are chances to lose the seeds. So if it is in the tray we can shift it soon. After reaching a 2 to 3 inches in the length than we can sow into the pot or to the land directly.

3. What is the best season to sow the tomato seeds?

Summer season is the best season because tomatoes need heat. It will grow soon in the summer. Usually, it takes 70-75 days to grow completely, but in the summer season, it takes less time.

4. Will it germinate in all seasons?

We can grow tomatoes in all the season, But it will germinate soon in the summer season.

5. How many days will Tomato seeds  take to germinate? (Minimum - maximum)

It will take 7 to 8 days to germinate the sprout. You can observe in the pot after sowing the seeds.

6. Should we cover the pot with the plastic cover for better germination?

Tomatoes should be covered by the plastic cover because if it is in the heat whether it will grow soon and also we have to make some hole on that for the oxygen transmission.

7. Can we keep it indoor after sowing or we should keep it out the door?

We can sow it either indoor or outdoor, but makes sure it gets warm weather. Using the plastic cover as stated above would help. But once the seeds sprout properly, plants of tomato need good sunlight at least for 7 to 8 hours a day. So we recommend to keep it outdoor only after that.

9. Which container is suitable? Rectangular, round?

Either of rectangular or Round pot can be used. Rectangular pots are better for most of the plants because the round pot will consume more space compare to the rectangular pots.

8. What temperature is required?

Tomatoes need above 50°F temperatures to grow healthy plants.


2. What potting mix to use?

1. Will the coco peat based potting mix be sufficient or does it need soil only?

Any good potting mix will be fine for Tomatoes. Select a potting mix which has good nutrient content and cocopeat mixture in it. Have a check on our potting mix here:

We suggest this potting mix because it has these advantages: 

3. How to water ?

1. Does it need a lot of water or very less water?

Watering depends on the weather.if you are using our potting mix  then water the plants only when the top surface is completely dry. Because our potting mix holds moister well inside.You can easily test the moister in the potting mix by just inserting your finger into a corner of the pot. 

But in usual cases:

In winter: Water 3 days once

Summer: water daily or two days once depending on how intense is the weather.

Rainy season: Most of the times watering is not required. Water only if it does not rain for 4 days in a row.

2. Will it sustain high sun light ?

Tomatoes are a warm-weather crop that require full sun, which means six or more hours of the sun per day. So it will sustain heavy sunlight.

3. Does it grow indoor in shade or less sun?

Tomatoes need sun light, it is batter to sow in outdoor. It will get sufficient sun light out side.


4. Pests or Diseases for Tomato plants?

1. What are the common diseases it gets? Like root decay, white flies , many are there like this?

Give your plants good soil & fertilizer and regular watering; healthy plants are much more likely to resist diseases and other problems.

If in case you see problems in your plant, use neem oil as it is a 100% organic pesticide. Our neem oil bottle also comes with usage instructions.

This should be sufficient to fight against most of the common problems. You could also pick up our plant maintenance kit which will contain everything you need to maintain your plants. 


5. Harvesting?

1. How many days it takes to grow from seed to harvest stage?

The tomatoes will take maximum 70-75 days to harvest. Till that we need to take care of the plants by watering them properly, providing good fertilizers ( potting mix will be a good option) and using pesticide (neem oil) whenever necessary.

2. How to identify it is ready for harvest? 

Only the color is not the proper indicator. But generally good size and red colour of the tomatoes indicate that they are ready for harvest.

3. How to Harvest Tomatoes? Should we remove form root or just cut and it grows again?

You can pluck the tomatoes directly from hand. But handle the plant gently while doing so. You can also cut the tomatoes from pruning secateurs safely, it will re-grow again.

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