It is important for all who have an interest in pebbles to have basic knowledge.

The boulder- These are the very large rocks which will be greater than 25.6 centimeters,
The cobble- These are the small round rock which will be 6.4 centimeters to 25.6 centimeters
Then comes pebble- These are the even smaller round rock which will be 0.4 centimeters to 6.4 centimeters
The gravel- These are the mix of crushed rock pieces which will be below 0.4

So we can consider that pebbles are the one which is neither cobble nor gravel these are the size in-between the gravel and cobble, These pebbles are used in both outdoor as well as indoor, These polished pebbles are used for the decor mainly used in increasing the beauty of nature like it can be used as the landscaping, and house decor depending on their creativity,
We can see most of these polished pebbles in the gardens it gives complementary look to the garden, Normally those who go for indoor gardening these will be the boost for them which increases the beauty of Bonsai Tree Plants and indoor decor plants,
A great way to decor up your dry area is to add colour! And much like paint and carpet, Decorative Pebbles can do just that for your garden. If you have a neglected corner, an eroding pathway, and pebbles might be your best option. We recommend at least a 50mm layer of pebble is used in order to get good even coverage and weed control matting is a must in these areas., the pebbles can go down straight over the existing surface for an instant facelift.

Pebbles no bigger than 20-30mm are recommended if there will be foot traffic and obviously the smaller the pebble the ”softer” it will be under foot, but too small and you'll leave footprints!
One of the easiest ways to smarten up your garden and back yard is with large potted plants. Sometimes planting into ground is just not possible whether you're renter or you have limited space. Our range of small to large feature pots are perfect for just that, and they can be finished off beautifully with a bag of decorative pebbles. With all the colours imaginable, you will have no trouble matching your garden pebble choice to your house, pot or garden colour scheme. Not only will the garden pebbles add a great colour feature they will also help protect your planting investment by preventing the potting medium from drying out so fast in the heat.
So if you're looking for pebbles online for your garden project. We have the biggest range of pebbles online and gravels in Trust basket.
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Happy Gardening

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