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Types of Colored Pebbles

It is very essential for gardens to have various kinds of flowers, trees plants and other greenery. It will be even more interesting and visually captivating if its landscape is decorated with coloured pebbles. Colorful pebbles made of natural stone or onyx stone are used in many ways to decorate the home and landscape. They can be used in wall panels, glass blocks, flower pots, gardening, furniture tripod decoration and dining table decoration. The pebbles that are obtained from natural sources are more aesthetic, have a natural hue and attract people more. Blue, Black, white, yellow, green and etc are some of the colored pebbles which are specially used for the decorative purpose.

Blue onyx pebbles     

Blue Onyx stone is said to assist with emotional balance, relieve stress and grief and to increase self-control. The beautiful blue-green color relates to the heart and throat chakras and can aid in true communication. Onyx will purify negative emotions, helps with grounding and controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies

White onyx pebbles

White onyx becomes the charm has a strong power to ward off the bad things, it also support in increasing the mental strength and perseverance.

Black onyx pebbles

Black onyx increase concentration and will power, ward off evil, evil thoughts.  It also said its help to control the emotions.

How to Select the Best Type of Decorative Stone
Once you have decide what type of coloured pebbles you would like to use on your property, either crushed, river or cobble, it is time to start looking at the details. There are four primary elements that can help homeowners to choose what type of stone ground cover to use in their landscaping or hardscaping project.

COLOUR – Beautiful browns, beiges and whites can be mixed and used together to create an interesting combination of color and texture in residential landscaping. Beautiful blues, grays and purples are also often available, adding a certain depth to decorative stone in Providence within gardens, pathways and stone ground cover edging. Darker colors and mixed colors are also available, with many distinct color choices that can be used as accents, borders and fillers. Choose colors based on taste, decor and style, but also consider that darker colors tend to absorb heat, while lighter colors tend to create a cooler ambient area, which can be an asset in sustainable landscaping projects.

DEPTH – When stone ground cover is used in place of a lawn, it must be used in a thick layer to prevent bald spots, weeds and other issues. A two inch thickness is the minimum that should be used to replace a lawn, while a three inch or thicker layer must be used for a driveway or parking area to prevent movement. If you aren’t sure about the volume of gravel that will be required in order to reap the benefits of using decorative stone in this manner, you can contact our expert.


BASE – A base layer should be used to add further protection against weed growth and other common landscaping issues. Plastic used to be the material of choice, but today most professional landscapers recommend fabric. The problem with plastic is that it will eventually break down, especially after repeated walking on the surface, allowing gravel to spread and weeds to pop up in no time. Weed barrier fabric is different, as it allows water and air to get down into the soil, while still blocking the light to prevent weed growth.

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