Brinjal long purple seeds (Hybrid)

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1. How to germinate seeds

1. Should we soak the seeds overnight for better germination?

Brinjals are required soaked seeds to germinate. It is not applicable to all the seeds. But Brinjal needs soaking format.

2. Should we use the seedling tray or direct sow is recommended?

We can maintain the seeds in the tray at the begging, but when the Brinjal’s roots reach 2 to 3 inches in the length it requires some more space to grow. So direct pot is the best is better to cultivate.

3. What is the best season?

Summer is the best season to grow cucumber, it requires hot weather. Because it germination process will take less time in hot weather.

4. Will it germinate in all seasons?

Brinjal seeds are available in all the season ( Trustbasket) It will germinate in all season. But it will give the good performance in summer.

5. How many days will it take to germinate? Minimum - maximum

Brinjal will take two weeks to germinate from sowing. we should care while germination process by providing the Water, fertilizer, compost (potting mix).

6. Should we cover the pot with the plastic cover for better germination?

No need to cover it by the plastic, it can germinate without covering the plastic. Brinjals are required direct sunlight so better to non-cover the plants.

7. Can we keep it indoor after sowing or we should keep it outdoor?

It is better to grow it in the outdoor because it needs 6 hours sunlight every day. If you like to grow in indoor place it where it can get sunlight properly.

8. Which container is suitable? Rectangular, round?

Rectangular pot is better to grow Brinjal, because it's roots will grow longer. Rectangular pots have longer space to grow.

9. What temperature is required?

Brinjal requires between 21' to 30-degree temperature to grow. Brinjal germination process will be very strong in this temperature.

2. What potting mix to use?

1. Will the coco peat base potting mix be sufficient or does it need soil only?

Brinjal requires fertilizer and compost to grow as a healthy plant. Potting mix has fertilizer and composts on it, also, it makes root strong. Our potting mix has fertilizer and compost mix on it.


3. How to water ?

1. Does it need a lot of water or very less water?

Water is a most important and required thing. We should not water the plant more or very less. So below instruction helps you to maintain the water to the plant.

2. Will it sustain high sunlight?

It can sustain from the high sunlight, because brinjal likes hot weather also it is a summer season crop.

3. Does it grow indoor in a shade or less sun?

It can’t sustain with sunlight. It requires nearly 6 hours sunlight every day. So better to keep the plant outdoor.

4. Pests?

1. What are the common diseases it gets? Like root decay, white flies, many are there like this?

Eggplants can be attacked by cutworms, aphids, flea beetles, Colorado potato bugs, spider mites, and tomato hornworms. If you are facing these problems use “Neem oil”. Our Neem oil comes with the user instruction.

5. Harvesting?

1. How many days it takes to grow from seed to harvest stage?

If you’re providing water, fertilizer, compost (potting mix) and Neem oil (In the case of any diseases) properly it will take 100 to 140 days to grow from seed to harvest. Some onions depend with varieties.

2. How to identify it is ready for harvest? ( mention the height of plant or fruit colour )

Eggplants are ready for harvest when the fruit is glossy, firm, and full colored and not streaked with brown.

3. How Harvest? Should we remove from root or just cut and it grows again?

Just cut the brinjal from pruning secateurs safely, it will re-grow again. We can pluck the brinjal directly from hand. But handle the plant gently while doing so. We can also cut the Brinjals from pruning secateurs safely, it will re-grow again.

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