TrustBin - Indoor composter kit for a family of 2 members (Set of two 14 ltrs bins)

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    Product Description


    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 30 cm

    Product Width: 30 cm

    Product Height: 37 cm

    TrustBin is a complete indoor composter. This indoor composter helps in converting your kitchen waste into compost, which you can use it for your plants for.better growth and development.

    Convert your daily kitchen waste into valuable compost at home. TrustBin compost maker uses EM (Effective micro-organism) technology. The compost maker powder contains useful microbes similar to the ones which converts milk to curd and floor to bread. These microbes convert food waste to nutrient-rich compost.


    • 2 Compost Bin ( 14 litres)
    • 2 Tap
    • 1 Small Packet of Jaggery
    • 2 Filter
    • 2 Compost maker packet of 500 grams
    • 2 Lid
    • 1 Coco peat of 650 grams
    • Instruction manual

    Instructions to be followed to decompose the kitchen waste:

    • Fit the tap to the bin according to the detailed information given in the manual.
    • Add the jaggery at the bottom of the bin. This act as food to microbes present in the liquid fertilizer.
    • Now place the filter and put a layer of single news paper. This helps in better filtration of the liquid to the bottom.
    • Now you can add your kitchen waste like peels of vegetables and fruits, or vegetables that are not fit for cooking, coriander and mint stems, onion peels, egg shells etc.
    • Cut the kitchen waste into small pieces before adding them into the bin. This helps in better decomposing of the waste.
    • Add a layer of kitchen waste (not more than 2 inches thick), sprinkle the compost maker on top of it (about 2 tablespoons) and close the lid. Repeat this process daily until the bin is full.
    • Once the bin is full, close the lid and keep it aside for 15- 20 days. Make sure you close the lid tightly. As this decomposition process is anaerobic (occurs in the absence of oxygen) air should not be passed inside through the lid.
    • From the 10th day you can start harvesting liquid fertilizer.
    • After 20 days open the lid and check whether the kitchen waste is decomposed completely or not. If not keep it aside for few more days.
    • If the quantity of the kitchen waste is reduced and turned black, then you can consider that it is decomposed completely.
    • You should use this decomposed waste to make the compost. After that, collect the liquid fertilizer if left any and wash the bin properly.
    • Now the bin is all ready for next round of decomposing.

    Instructions to collect liquid fertilizer:

    • From the 10th -12th day you can start harvesting (collecting) the liquid fertilizer once in 2-3 days of interval.
    • Dilute the liquid fertilizer with water in the ratio of 1:30 and use this solution once in 20-30 days to fertilize your plants.

    Instructions to loosen the coco peat block:

    • Place the coco peat in any container and add 2.0 to 2.2 liters of water.
    • Wait till the block expands completely. Stir for even expansion.
    • Let the coco peat dry if you added little more than required amount of water.

    Instruction for making compost with left over/decomposed kitchen waste (curing process) :

    • Take any container that have no holes at its bottom.
    • Spread a layer of coco peat followed by a layer of decomposed kitchen waste. Repeat this until the pickled waste gets over.
    • Cover the container with news paper and let it decompose for 20-25 days.
    • Mix this well once in 3 days for better decomposition. But don’t over do it.
    • After 20-25 days you can use this compost to plants according to your requirement, once in 20-30 days of interval by storing it.
    • From next time you can do the same even by using soil.

    Dos and donts of trustbin:

    • Do cut the vegetables, peels, stems into small pieces.
    • Do harvest the liquid fertilizer time to time for better decomposition.
    • Don’t save the kitchen waste for many days and add it at once.
    • Add the kitchen waste once/day. No need of letting them dry.
    • Don’t forget to sprinkle the compost maker after every addition.
    • Don’t add cooked food into trustbin. Especially watery items like dal, sambhar.
    • Don’t add raw/cooked meat, fish into trust bin. This aids in bad smell and takes longer time for decomposition.
    • Don’t add more than 1.5 liter of water to expand the coco peat.
    • Don’t over mix the compost during the curing process.

    Trust bin is absolutely easy to use and there won’t be any foul smell coming out of it. By using it, anyone can make their own compost. Buy compost bin online at a competitive price from Trust Basket and prepare compost for your garden right at your home.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    Weight :
    3.8 kg
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