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Starting Crops from seed is a satisfying way to grow your own plants and veggies. When it comes to choosing good quality vegetable seeds online India, make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through reviews and be guided by experienced people when it’s all about buying seeds online/stores and growing.
While planting most common thing which runs in mind is about climate, If you want to plant tomato seedlings in May, for instance, you'll need to start those seeds by early March. Starting seeds in containers is also a useful way to have plants of winter crops, such as broccoli and cabbage, ready to transplant into the garden in early spring or fall.


You can start seedling using a variety of containers, including flats or seedling trays, small individual pots, and cell-packs.
Fill the pots with potting mix, Moisten the mix, and let it drain. Scatter seeds thinly over the surface. Check the seed packet for the recommended planting depth, and cover the seeds with the proper amount of mix, Moisten the soil lightly.
To speed up germination soak the seeds in warm water for an hour before sowing else it can be directly sowed, soaking is not compulsory. It's good you use coco peat based potting mix for sprouting seed and growth as potting mix which holds moisture content for a quite long period. Place the tray in a sunny spot as seeds require 5-6 hours sunlight every day and regular watering during germination in proper proportion is a must. Once the plants are about 2-3 inches in height it’s time to transplant it outdoor.


If your seedlings suddenly collapse and die, one of the fungal diseases called "damping off" or "seed and seedling rot" may be to blame. In one type of damping off, the seedling's stem collapses at or near the soil surface; in another type, the seedling rots before it emerges from the soil, or the seed decays before it even sprouts.
To prevent these problems, use Neem oil and new or thoroughly washed and disinfected containers. Take care not to over water seedlings; be sure to provide good air circulation and ventilation, so tops of seedlings stay dry and standing moisture is kept to a minimum. Thinning seedlings to eliminate crowding is also helpful.


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