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Carrot red seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Carrot normal seeds (Hybrid)

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Carrot red seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Carrot Seeds

Hey, gardeners, Carrots/Gajar comes in different varieties, most popular once in India are red and orange and they are root vegetables grown underground.

A right choice of vegetable to grow organically for your kitchen garden as it is most consumed raw as well as cooked. A carrot helps improve eyesight, prevent cancer, promotes healthier skin, prevents heart disease, and protects teeth, gums and lot more. So, here are a few steps to grow carrots in containers as well as in your garden patch.

Step 1: Choosing the pot/land and soil 

In the case of containers, carrots are root vegetables it requires a container of about 12-18 inches deep to grow, choose rounded one with a drainage hole to prevent in case of over watering. You can even use grow bags which even has a drainage hole at the bottom. In the case of land, choose a place where there are sufficient sunlight and space for the plant to grow.

Carrots require loose medium i.e., soil or potting mix for roots to grow downwards. Soil with a mix of red soil, compost and coco peat is preferred for plantation instead of ordinary soil which lacks in nutrients and holds a lot of clay content. Check our organic fertilizer if you prefer only soil else potting mix, we even have coco peat based potting mix which holds compost and fertilizer content in it.

Step 2: From Seedling to Planting

When it comes to choose, Carrot seeds online India make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy Organic carrot seeds online India and getting information about growing.. Seeds are available throughout the year ("Trust Basket"). But Carrots are grown best in cool weather/rainy season so start off your plantation in mid-March.

It's good practice of starting off with a seedling tray and further once the plant is 2-3 inches you can transplant it to pot or land, the use of using seedling tray is carrots are rainy season crop in case of heavy rain there are chances of losing the seeds.

Step 3: Watering and taking care till Harvest

Regular watering in winter of about three days once is recommended, summer two days once. Never allow the soil get dried up, as carrots are best grown in moist soil. Avoid over-watering. In case rainy season there might be a flow of water directly into the plant so ignore watering, water three days once. Never let the plant get dried up.

Carrots are ready for harvest for 2 months from the day of sowing. Push the soil above the roots, the roots less than 1-1/2 diameter can be thinned off and even if the leaves are about 3-4 inches in length you can harvest. Remove the plant by headgear safely as it cannot re grow again. As tender roots are sweeter and crunchy. The longer roots are hard to peel off. Say if carrot tastes little bitter that is because of lack of water.

Trust Basket Carrot seeds online India

We are offering a high-end quality of Hybrid Carrot Seeds to our clients. These seeds are produced from rootlets as well as roots techniques and these were perfectly standardized in this region. Carrot Seed giving good result here and no match of their quality that will produce here. Our Vegetable seeds India are procurable at leading market rates.



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