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About Hybrid Onion Seeds

Onions, as well as its stem, is one of the popular vegetables used in almost all dishes, they are consumed raw as well as cooked. Holds medicinal values curing illnesses like digestion, heart health and a lot more. Here are few simple steps which would help you grow a healthy Onion plant in containers as well as in your garden patch.

Step 1: Seeds to planting beginning guide

When it comes to choose,Hybrid onion seeds online India make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy organic onion seeds online India and getting information about growing.

While planting most common thing which runs in mind is about climate well Onion seeds are available throughout the year and can be grown in all seasons, basically onions are summer plant and the process of germination is faster in hot weather of temperature 26’ degrees, so it’s good you start of your plantation before 2 weeks (say at late January) before summer begins for best result.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

If you are planting onions in a pot/container select quite huge rounded pot of about 20 inches in depth and 20 inches in width. Choose a pot with drainage hole, drainage holes flow water down in case you over water and preventing plant damage. It can be grown in grow bags of same diameter. Place one plant per pot else if you want to grow more plants and there is sufficient space in your container/land then distance each plant two foot. Say you want to plant on land, choose a place where there’s enough sunlight and room for onions to grow.

When it comes to soil never use soil found around your place for your plants to grow, it’s acidic, lacks nutrient content which is not suited for plantation. Onions require a well drained/raised sand/potting mix to grow a healthy plant. Use natural compost found in your kitchen say peeled off vegetable or fruits skin.

Step 3: Watering and taking care till Harvest

In rainy season water the plant 5-6days once as rain water may flow directly into the plant .In summer water the plant regularly as there are more possibilities of the plant getting dried up well by using coco peat potting mix made up of coco nut husk, it holds quite an amount of water that is moisture which prevents dryness for long period.

The overall idea is avoid over-watering and under-watering the plant both leads to plant damage.

It will take about 100-175 days from the day of sowing for harvesting, at this stage the leaves would have reached 4-6 inches. Say if you have planted the onions side by side in the same container or on the land, pull the onions using a gardening trowel and cover the space with soil so that it does not affect the nearby plants which in turn get good space to grow.

 TrustBasket Onion seeds Online India

We also hold expertise in offering high yielding hybrid onion Seeds. Processed under proper hygienic conditions, our offered vegetable seeds India are free from any sort of adulteration and thus meet well with all the set standards of the food industry. These seeds have rough surface with an oily white interior. Moreover, having peppery taste, the seeds also have some kind of odor in them. 


  • High yield
  • Unadulterated
  • Uniformity in size

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