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Summer squash - Chappan Kaddu seeds (OP)

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Summer Squash - Chappn Kaddu seeds (Hybrid)

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About  Hybrid Summer Squash seeds

Summer squash is a seasonal vegetables, here are few steps which will guide you grow a healthy organic Summer squash in containers as well as in your garden patch.

Step 1: From seeds to Planting

Start your plantation before summer (two weeks before) as they are warm season plants. When it comes to choose, Summer squash seeds online India make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy organic summer squash seeds online India and getting information about growing.

Select a warm place to sow the seeds where there are enough sunlight and space for the plant to grow, start with a seedling tray later you can transplant it to a huge container or onto your garden patch in cause you have enough space around your place.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

Two successful components for container gardening is the size and soil type. Although it may not seem like it one squash plant will fill a 24-inch pot in no time. Do not overcrowd squash plants. Be sure to select a pot which has a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out.

Never use soil found around your place for growing, as it lacks in nutrients. If you want to use soil alone check our organic fertilizer else coco peat based potting mix which holds fertilizer as well as compost content in it. The major advantage of using coco peat based potting mix is it retains moisture content and you will not have to invest for fertilizer/compost.

Step 3: Watering and taking care till Harvest

Water deeply once a week, applying at least one inch of water. Shallow watering promotes shallow root development that is detrimental to yields. Don't judge the moisture content of the soil by the dryness of the surface, if the soil is dry four inches down, water. If the soil is moist at that depth, the plants will be fine. Wilting in scorching, mid-afternoon sun is normal for summer squash. They will recover when the sun goes down. We recommend you to use coco peat potting mix as it holds moisture content for a long period it works similar to a sponge. At times of rain, water every five days depending on the plant as the rain water flows into the plant directly. Avoid over-watering and under-watering and don’t let the plant get dried and nor water should stand around the plant which weakens the stems of the plant.


  • Better to harvest summer squash when small and tendor for best flavor, summer squash are ready as soon as a week after flowering
  • Cut the gourds off the vine rather than breaking them off
  • Check plants everyday for new produce

Trust Basket Summer Squash Seeds online India

Our organization is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of high-yielding organic summer squash seeds India. Furthermore, these quality seeds help the vegetables to grow in good sized shapes; it also ensures their taste and freshness. Our range of seeds satisfies the vegetable cultivation requirements of the esteemed clients spread across the nation.


  • Very efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Good absorption

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