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About Hybrid Cucumber seeds

Cucumber one of the most popular and most used vegetable in summer can be consumed raw as well as cooked. They are called as kamala kakdi (Hindi), sowthekay (kannada) and has a lot more local names. Consuming cucumbers fights against inflammation manages stress, reduces cholesterol etc. Cucumbers are climber/creeper plants can be grown in containers as well as in your garden patch which requires good care in the process of growth. Well, now that you are on this page and we are here to guide you to grow healthy organic cucumbers for your kitchen garden.

Step 1: From seeds to planting beginning guide

 Cucumbers are warm weather (summer season) crop so start off you plantation 2 weeks before summer begins and requires a temperature between 20 C- 25 C When it comes to choose, Cucumber seeds online India make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy organic cucumber seeds online India and getting information about growing.

Soak the seeds overnight which helps speed up germination. Once the seeds are soaked they are ready for sowing. You can start with a seedling tray by covering the tray the potting mix of about 1 inch deep, place two seeds per hole, cover gently with two layers of potting mix, sprinkle water until the potting mix gets enough moisture.

Fill in with potting mix place one plant per pot. In a case of land till the soil well 2-3 times, mix well with the potting mix. Place the plant in the soil covering the roots and press gently around the plant so that the plant holds well with the soil steady. If you want to plant more plants space two-foot distance between each plant.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

When it comes to choosing a pot/container prefer a rectangular of about 20 inches in depth and 20 inches width because the roots of cucumber grow long and require quite sufficient space to grow. A container with drainage hole helps prevent in case of over watering in which the water flows down through the drainage hole. As cucumbers are climbers/creeping plant you will have to give support with a fence or stick /threads or trellis of about 6-8 ft high for the plant to grow. While choosing a land for your plant, transplant it to a place where there enough sunlight and space to grow.

Step 3: Watering and taking care till Harvest

As a summer crop, regular watering from the day of sowing, in process of germination and growth till harvest is very necessary. Never excess watering and lack of watering both leads in plant damage.

Never allow the plant gets dried and make sure while watering the water does not stand above the soil which may loosen the plant and may get tilted. Use  kitchen waste like peeled of fruits/vegetable skin by putting it around the plant which is a natural compost. Take good care by watering, providing proper support as it is a climber, make sure the trellis don’t break during the process of growth. Never use chemicals for faster growth of the plant. 

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