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It doesn't matter whether you prefer to buy online flower seeds or vegetable seeds, growing plants from seeds is a very inexpensive and self satisfying way to make your garden grow! Different types of Flower seeds have different requirements, but the basics are generally all the same.

Start your seed growing process by assembling all the materials you will need in your work area.

  1. Select a good quality flower seeds online
  2. You will need containers with provisions for drainage. This may be CLEAN plastic pots, Metal pots, or Seedling trays
  3. For the planting medium, I prefer to use a soil-less potting mix
  4. These are normally factory set to keep your soil at 72 degrees but many also have variable thermostats, always follow the manufactures direction
  5. Fill your pots, packs or flats to within ¼" of the rim with your planting medium. Moisten the growing medium by placing the flat in a pan of room temperature water until it is thoroughly wet.
  6. Allow the excess water to drain from the pots/flats, Tamp them lightly to pack the medium and remove any air pockets.

Time to sow the seeds

Carefully distribute your seeds onto the medium or into the small holes, be sure that they are not crowded. This will ensure room for growth as well as good light and air circulation to the seedlings as they develop. It will also make it easier to transplant the new plants when the time has come.

Now you should create a miniature greenhouse environment for the pots or flats. This can be done by placing the flat inside a sealed plastic bag, using small stakes to hold the plastic from actually resting on the soil mix, or actually building a mini house with a coat hanger frame and poly film. Be sure to keep an eye on it though, never let the soil mix dries out completely!

Place your flat in a warm area where it will get good light but not direct sun. Germination can take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on what you are growing, so patience will have to be on of your virtues. Once the seeds have poked their little heads up, remove the green housing and gradually move the flat into brighter light or full sun.
Your seedlings will be quite tender and fragile at this time, and a radical lighting or temperature change can be disastrous.

Watering and taking care

Water the plant every day by keeping the soil moist not wet in the process of growth. Include compost and fertilizer as a potting mix every month. Too rich soil, over watering and excess fertilizer can lead to less flowering. Eliminate any dead or faded once as it will affect the rest. You can even collect the seed pods when the flowers get dried up for next round of cosmos gardening/potting.

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