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Vinca pink seeds (OP)

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Vinca pink seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Vinca Seeds

The right choice for pink lovers, Vincas can be used in borders, edging and ground cover/bedding in gardens/balconies. Growing them from seeds usually, appeals curious as they take quite much time to grow compared to buying the flower plant online directly but you want more satisfaction seeing pink flowers bloom from seeds. Well, it's easy to grow them from seedling you just got to have patients and follow few steps.

Step 1: From seeds to Planting

Buy Vinca flower seeds india online from trusted company. Vinca’s are usually summer plants and best grow in full sun not liking cool temperature. Sow the Hybrid Vinca seeds early summer (2 weeks before) well they even grow in partial shade too. You can use a seedling tray or directly sow 3-4 tiny seeds in pots/land filled in with well-drained soil, compost, and fertilizer. Just got to scatter the seeds of depth 1/4 and cover 1/4 inch layer of soil press gently as they need complete darkness to germinate. Water the soil beds making it moist not wet and cover the container/land with plastic helping it to speed up germination, place the container in a sunny spot. They germinate in 20 -30 degrees C temperature. Once the plant reaches 2-3 inches (approximately 1-2 weeks) of true leaf stage remove the plastic and expose them to full sunlight, if you have used seedling trays/small pots transplant them to land (garden)/ huger containers/pots. While transplanting make sure you don’t damage the plant. They best grow when you space them 2 inches apart. Plants grow in 1-2 feet tall and flowers bloom all summer.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

When it comes to choosing Pots there are varieties it’s up to you to choose, all depends on the number of plants you want to grow. It’s good a container with a drainage hole which prevents damaging the plant in case of over watering. Check out Terracotta and Metal Railing Planter which will help you beautify your garden/balcony. You can try out hangings too. Use rich potting mix as they need nutrients to grow well. Check out the Potting mix which includes compost and fertilizer content whereby you need not go search of soil or fertilizers and there are cases where people take soil found near their place avoid doing that as they are acidic not suited for plantation. Say, you want to plant Vincas in your garden patches choose a place where the plant has sufficient space and sunlight to grow. Use a garden rake to rake the area 2-3 times with fertilizer and compost before you sow the seeds, moist the soil by watering not making it wet.

Step3: Watering and taking care

Water is the source of plants growth regular watering helps the plant produce appealing flowers. Water the plant early in the day by keeping the soil beds moist. Water in every dry condition avoids over watering. Once the plant is grown and starts producing flowers clear the dry leaves and flowers around the plant which keeps the plant look clean.

Trust Basket Vinca flower seeds India online 

We offer a rich collection of Organic Vinca Flower Seeds online. Flower Seeds offered by us are used for sowing during both summer season as well as winter season. These quality flower seeds online India made to undergo extensive tests and quality assurance steps that assures in them optimum germination results as well as superior flowering possibilities.


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