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About Hybrid Gomphrena Seeds

Gomphrena is a colorful compact flower which takes a shape of a sphere on its flower head with dried floral arrangements also known as Globe Amaranth/Globe Flower. Gomphrena plants complete their entire life cycle within a space of a year by blooming your garden. They not only give a different look to you garden/balconies but also attract butterflies, in turn, create a pleasant environment. Used in beds and borders, cut flower. Here are few steps which will guide you grow flowers at your garden/balconies in land or containers. 

Step 1: From seeds to Planting

Gomphrena best grow in full sun. Buy gomphrena flower seeds India from trusted company. Sow the organic gomphrena seeds indoor early summer as they are warm weather plants but grows in partial shade too. You can use a seedling tray or directly sow them in pots filled in with well-drained soil, compost, and fertilizer. Just got to scatter the seeds of depth 1/4 and cover one layer of soil .Water the soil beds making it moist not wet helping it to germinate. Basically, they germinate in 70 F -75 F temperature.

Once the plant reaches 2-3 inches (approximately 14-21 days), if you have used seedling trays/small pots transplant them to land/ huger containers/pots else they can grow in the same container.

While transplanting, make sure you don’t damage the plant. Gomphrena is self-seedlings so after the first bloom, collect the dried up flowers for seeds which can be used for next level of growth. Flowers bloom in early summer, fall, late summer, and summer.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

Containers come in different shapes and size it’s up to you. It’s good a container with a drainage hole which prevents damaging the plant in case of over watering. Check our terracotta’s/Balcony Railing Planters/Hanging Planters which may help you design your garden.

Avoid using soil found near your place as they bloom with a rich potting mix. Check our potting mix which includes compost and fertilizer content so that you need not invest individually. In case you want to plant it in land choose a place where the plant has sufficient space and sunlight to grow. Till the soil 2-3 times with fertilizer and compost before you sow the seeds you can use gardening tools for tilling so that it easier for planting and avoids your hand get dirt.

Step 3: Watering and taking care

Water is the main source of the plant growth which in lead helps it grow appealing purple flowers. So, water every day during the growth leads to appealing flowers. Water the plant early in the day by keeping the soil beds moist not wet. Water in every dry condition, don't over watering. Include a layer of compost and fertilizer as a potting mix every four weeks. Too rich soil, overwatering and excess fertilizer can lead to less flowering. Collect any dead or faded once for seeds. Make sure the flowers and leaves are not wet as it causes fungal diseases. Remove out the dried stem and flowers around the plant making it look clean and good. You can even use some gardening accessories for your garden which makes your garden/ balcony stand out.

Step 4: Pests and Diseases

Common diseases gray mold and fungal leaf spots. We recommend you to spray “Neem oil” twice a day after watering as they are best remedy to avoid pests and diseases.

Certainly worth the minimal effort making your garden colorful!

Trust Basket Gomphrena Flower seeds India

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