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Antirrhinum seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Antirrhinum seeds (Hybrid)

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About  Hybrid Antirrhinum Seeds

Antirrhinum is a winter season annual which are  medium tall that are grown for its Showy flowers, Antirrhinum is also known as ‘Snap dragons. Antirrhinum will give a range of options in term of colours  in your garden. Antirrhinum flowers are available in almost all the desired colours and except blue.

Step 1: From seeds to Planting

Basically Antirrhinum are best grown in cool weather. They bloom best in winter and spring, this plants are well suitable for mild climate. Buy Antirrhinum flower seeds India online/ at stores, start off seedlings indoor/outdoor. Sow the tiny seeds directly into the flower beds of about 1-2 inches deep and 8 inches apart with rich and well-drained soil.

Drop water making the beds moist not wet during germination making sure that seeds don’t wash out. It will take about 15-20 days for the plant to appear and it takes about 1-2 months to first blossom.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil

Set an eye pleasing combo of size, color and texture which goes with the plant. As planter take up outdoor as well as indoor gardening so you need to scale up the container where it exactly fits in to your preferred corner with Antirrhinum flower, make sure to select a planter with a drainage hole which prevents damaging the plant in case of over watering.

Organic antirrhinum seeds require neutral soil, Provide some organic fertilizer to gain some health. Never use the soil found in your garden, use Coco peat based potting mix which can contain moisture for longer time which helps your plant to grow well.

Step 3: Watering and taking care

In the growing phrase try and water regularly, but be sure of proper water drainage the so pests and disease do not hit the plant. Beware that watering over head may damage your plant, check the moisture content in the soil before watering. Water again only after the soil has dried up to about an inch deep.

Well if you have planted antirrhinum in a container select a Sun filled location during the winter and make sure you have great drainage in the planter. Some well placed clips will help snapdragons take a bushy and filled out shape. The top of the stem should be cut and so Should any long shoots on the side this will encourage a lot more flowers to grow. If proper care is taken these plants might return year after year instead of just being annual

Step 4: Pests and Diseases

To save Antirrhinum from pests and diseases use organic pesticides like neem oil. The soil must be well drained.  Mites, Caterpillars, mealy bugs, Slugs, Snail are some of the pests that you may find on antirrhinum. The main problem is dampness try and gives your Plant enough air and drainage to bloom properly.

The main problem is dampness try and gives your snapdragons enough air and drainage to bloom properly.

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