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Gaillardia seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Gaillardia seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Gaillardia Seeds

Gaillardia is also known as Blanket flower, Fire wheel and Indian flower. if you’re looking for a long seasonal plant of bloom, Gaillardia is the right choice. Gaillardia is a perennial wild flower which has a large daisy like blooms.

Gaillardia is an excellent choice for butterfly garden and for uses as a cut flower

Step 1: From seeds to sprouting beginning guide

Gaillardia flowers are produced in early summer, this kind of flower can be easily grown from seed. When it comes to choose, gaillardia flower seeds india online make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy organic gailllardia seeds online and getting information about growing.

Gaillardia seeds can be directly sown into your flower garden or plant indoor using seedling tray later you can transplant. Start planting the seeds at the end of the number, they will likely bloom in the first spring. Gaillardia Seeds should be spaced approximately 14 to 16 inches apart. These flowers will bloom every year after the initial planting.

Step 2: Choosing the pot/land and soil 

Growing plants in a container is a best way of start to your garden. Growing plants in containers make gardening accessible to almost anyone including children. Select a medium size pot of around 12 inch in depth and width, fill the ¾ part of the pot with potting mix. Sow three to four seeds in the pot with equal distance. Place the pot in a room constant temperature, position near a window where it can receive eight hours of light per day.

For container gardening, never use soil found around your place for growing, as it lacks in nutrients. If you want to use soil alone check our organic fertilizer else coco peat based potting mix which holds fertilizer as well as compost content in it. The major advantage of using coco peat based potting mix is it retains moisture content and you will not have to invest for fertilizer/compost.

Step 3: Watering and taking care

Water regularly says about twice a day, make sure the plant never gets dried up. Never over water or under water. Soil must be moist during the growth of the plant. During the germination and growth water well. Use coco peat potting mix basically made up of coconut husk, it holds moisture content for a long period which in turn does not dry up the plant. Cut off the side shoots as the plant grows bigger.

Gaillardia flowers are often relatively short-lived. Cutting back clumps to 6 inches in late summer often increases their chance of winter survival. You can also keep your plants vigorous by dividing them every 2-3 years in spring or early fall. Watch for aphids and leaf hoppers that can be spread a virus like diseases. Control insects and virus by using neem oil or organic pesticide.

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