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Cineraria mixed seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Cineraria mixed seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Cineraria Seeds

Cineraria like cool temperature of around 45° to 55° F. This are not suited for growing in hot dry climates. Cineraria flower comes in different shades of dark pink, red, purple, blue and white.

Cineraria plants are one of the most beautiful flower, low growing flowers that you can grow from flower seeds, these plants are great for containers, pathway edges or even as ground cover plants

Steps 1: From seeds to planting

When it comes to choose, Cineraria seeds online make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy hybrid cineraria seeds online and getting information about growing.

Cineraria need a high light area but should be away from any direct sunlight. They also like a more humid environment. This can be achieved by placing the pot on a tray of pebbles that is filled with water. Unfortunately, Cinerarias do not bloom again once their 6 weeks are up They are true annual and only flower one time in their life span

Step 2: Choosing the Pot/Land and soil

It is important to select a planter for your garden, select a planter with a colourfull designs and has a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out. Colourfull pots with blossom flower will provide an appealing look for your garden. Cineraria plants reach a maximum height of 15 to 20 inches. Cineraria plants are very fragile plants, so they are mostly used as outdoor annuals or indoor gift plants that bloom for only about a month. so It is important to pick right potted plants which suits around the corner. Shaped once take up right look for a modern setting, it can be of plastic/metal and make sure you choose a perfect colored pot, other side terracotta’s give a formal look. When it comes to your balcony/grills try out some Metal-wall hanging for dripping plants. While placing the plant pots and giving it a right match of flowering plant and the shape you choose as a container must give a detailed view of the plant and you’re surrounding

Step 3: Watering and taking care

Watering the plant is very important as it’s a source of growth. So, water the plant in a proper proportion regularly. Watering is completely depended on the plant as well as the climate. So make sure the plant never gets dried up and nor watering should be in such a way that water stands around the plant above the soil , well there are drainage holes to prevent excess watering in a container but in the case of land water carefully. Watering from the day of sowing till harvest is a must.

Always keep cineraria moist but never soggy, Always allow the top inch or two of soil in a Cineraria plant to dry out before watering. Cineraria plants can sit in the excess water for 15 min then be sure to remove the water. The more blooms the cineraria plant has the more water it needs.

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