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Pansy mixed seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Pansy mixed seeds (Hybrid)

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About Hybrid Pansy Seeds

Pansy plants are cheerful, blooming flowers. In fact, they have one of the largest range of colours include yellow, gold, purple, orange, red and white. Well suitable for containers, borders and ground covers. The pansy is treated as an annual due to its leggy growth. They're hearty in cool weather.


  • Buy different Pansy flower seeds India online/ at stores
  • Pansy are well grown in cool climate especially in moist summer
  • You can start Hybrid pansy seeds indoor 6 to 8 weeks using seedling tray before you plan on transplanting them.
  • Plant in moist, humus-rich, well drained soil. Pansy like sun and cool temperature.
  • Space the plants about 7 to 12 inches apart, they will spread about 10 to 12 inches and grow to be about 6 to 9 inches tall.
  • Remember to water your pansy regularly. One of the most common reason pansy fail is because they are not watered enough. if your pansy are not doing well, try watering more.

Choosing the pot/land in the soil

Select a container which as a plenty of space for the roots to grow, but avoid over large containers, as a large amount of potting mix holds excess of water that may rotten the rot of the plant.  Be sure the container has at least one drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water may flow out. Keep a saucer at the bottom of the planter so the excess water will collect in it. Fill the pot with a coco peat based potting mix. Never use garden soil, which compacts and doesn’t allow free passage of water and nutrients. Proper preparation of the soil goes a long way in getting the moist from pansy plants. Work in organic material such as compost or well rotted leaves to a 4-inch depth before planting pansy. When growing pansy in well-prepared soil, the need of manure will be minimal

Watering and Taking Care

Regular watering every day during the growth leads to appealing flowers. Water the plant early in the day by keeping the soil beds moist not wet. Include compost and fertilizer as a potting mix every four weeks. Too rich soil, over watering and excess fertilizer can lead to less flowering.

Pansy will flower even more profusely and longer if spent flower heads are removed. Pansy plants can be set out at least a month before winter. After a week or so of hardening off, the plants can be put into their growing beds and left outside. you can use organic manure such as vermi compost around your pansy  to help them grow. Remove faded/dead flowers to prolong blooming flowers and encourage more flowers to grow.

Pests and diseases

Pansy are generally not affected by disease or insects,. White smut, Leaf spots, stem cankers are some susceptible. Treat early with organic pesticides like “ neem oi ”

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