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Kochia seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Kochia seeds (Hybrid)

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About  Hybrid Kochia Seeds

Kochia Grass is an attractive ornamental as well as forage plant, it is a quick growing plant that tends to form rounded or pyramid body of dense leaves and branches. Young plant of kochia is bright green in colour but turn red in colder climate as they mature. Thin and finely cut leaves of kochia add its ornamental value. It is useful as an accent plant in landscapes and can be grown in any type of soil

Step 1: From seeds to sprouting beginning guide

Kochia kind of grass seed can be easily grown. When it comes to choose,  Organic kochia seeds online make sure you buy the seeds from a trusted supplier and its good practice to go through the reviews and be guided by an experienced person when it can be all about buy kochia seeds india online and getting information about growing.

The seeds of the kochia require no special treatment prior to planting. They are tough seeds with a rough round or triangle appearance. Left to its own devices, Kochia seeds can be broadcast across the field at the ratio of one to four pounds per acre.

Step 2:  Watering and taking care

Watering the plant is very important as it’s a source of growth. So, water the plant in a proper proportion regularly. Watering is completely depended on the plant as well as the climate. So make sure the plant never gets dried up and nor watering should be in such a way that water stands around the plant above the soil , well there are drainage holes to prevent excess watering in a container but in the case of land water carefully. Watering from the day of sowing till harvest is a must.

Eliminate weeds when the plants are young, then mulch heavily to prevent more weeds from growing.

Although kochia is widely grown as a forage crop, its beauty is appealing to the average gardener it is grown as ornamental since from 1990s. Pick a sunny location in your garden and cover the seeds. With 1/2 of an inch with soil. keep the soil moist until germination occurs .once the seeds get germinated, water the seedlings once per week Keep kochia trimmed back to prevent the plant from producing seeds which can spread rapidly in the garden and become a nuisance.

 Trust Basket Kochia seeds India

We offer our clients with a qualitative range of  hybrid Kochia (Kochla scoparia) seeds online India. These are dome shaped bushy plant seeds with fine foliage whose flowers are not significant. It is ideal for pots and gardens and performs well under partial shade wherein its garden height is of 80 -100 cm. We present an extensive series of Organic kochia seeds. Our offered products are widely used in the market for their longer shelf life and top quality.


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